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Jane Peyton

Founder of the School of Booze and Ambassador for Friends of Glass

Jane Peyton is an award-winning drinks educator, writer, broadcaster, pub expert, lyricist, drinks judge, events producer and presenter. She is the founder of the School of Booze – a drinks education and consultancy, and corporate events production company. Jane was Britain's first Beer Sommelier of the Year 2014. She is the instigator and driving force of the UK’s annual national beer day – Beer Day Britain (June 15th) for which she co-wrote ‘Cheers to Beer’ – the anthem for beer. She was Imbibe Magazine Drinks Educator of the Year 2016 and in 2017 was awarded the title Outstanding Individual Achievement in Beer from the Beer & Cider Marketing Awards. Jane is the author of eight non-fiction books including ‘Drink: A Tippler’s Miscellany’ and ‘Beer o’ Clock’.
Beer: History In A

Beer: History In A Glass

Beer is made from water, malt, hops and yeast. It's also made from magnitude, significance, and consequence. Of all alcoholic drinks beer has arguably had the most impact on human culture and history...
24/07/2017 14:42 BST

Beer Diplomacy

Britain is a currently divided nation. If only there was something to unite us. There is - beer, the national drink, and the best place to drink it, the pub. In Britain we come together at the pub regardless of our background and status.
14/06/2017 11:38 BST
Beer Is the Balm to Soothe the Referendum

Beer Is the Balm to Soothe the Referendum Battle

If only there was a magical balm to soothe the fractious and febrile atmosphere of the Referendum. There is and it's called beer - Britain's national tipple. How fortuitous then that Beer Day Britain, national beer day, happens on June 15th. This means that the Brexiteers and the Remains can sit down together, in a pub, and have a jolly time united by their love of the world's favourite alcoholic drink - beer.
10/06/2016 15:14 BST
A Beer Feast With Christmas

A Beer Feast With Christmas Dinner

Beer has several properties that make it a perfect libation with food - water, carbon dioxide, hops and, quite often, bitterness (although not all beers are bitter), myriad flavours, diversity in body, texture, mouthfeel - all of which are very useful in cutting, contrasting, or complementing what we eat.
11/12/2015 15:49 GMT
Bitterness is

Bitterness is Good

Bitter is a term often used as a pejorative. People can be described as bitter and twisted, an unpleasant task leaves a bitter taste in the mouth, something disagreeable can be a bitter pill to swallow. Well it's time to banish the negative connotations of the word 'bitter'.
03/11/2015 11:44 GMT
Boozing - a Universal

Boozing - a Universal Language

Could it be true that humans are hard-wired to seek mind altering substances such as caffeine, tobacco, psychedelic drugs, and alcohol? Alcohol is and was the most easily available intoxicant and historically different cultures throughout the world started drinking independently with no knowledge of the others.
10/12/2013 13:30 GMT
An Official Flag and Anthem for

An Official Flag and Anthem for London?

London is a superstar amongst cities and that is why I am running a competition to find a song and flag for London. Whichever song or flag wins the competition will be sent to the London Assembly with a petition and a plea for them to be adopted as the official motifs of London.
01/11/2012 16:06 GMT
Britain at Its Bonkers

Britain at Its Bonkers Best

It's official - Britain is brilliant! And long may looking at life through rose-coloured spectacles last. Our spectacular summer of sport and celebration may be over, but no need to feel bereft because Britain not only excels in elite cycling and rowing, it rules the world with prowess in a number of bonkers sports.
14/09/2012 02:17 BST
Diamond Drinks - A Patriotic Jubilee Weekend Booze

Diamond Drinks - A Patriotic Jubilee Weekend Booze Menu

We don't need an excuse for a drink in Britain but if we did, Jubilee Weekend would be it. Party fever is building. Have you decided yet what or where you will be drinking? If not, may I offer my suggestions for patriotic libations to celebrate this historic time?
01/06/2012 17:06 BST
In Defence of

In Defence of Booze

News outlets never splash the good news about alcohol do they? Because there is good news about booze and has been for the thousands of years that humans have consumed it.
01/04/2012 23:06 BST
Beer-vana in

Beer-vana in Grantham

I recently entered paradise in Grantham and paradise resembles a brew house. For years I have been dreaming about brewing a beer with a professional brewer, and that fantasy has now come true courtesy of a brewery in the Lincolnshire market town.
29/02/2012 22:23 GMT
Cider is Back - Big

Cider is Back - Big Time

If Eddie & Joe Grundy from <em>The Archers</em> are reading this - I have a few friends who long to join your cider club. It's true that five years ago they would have thought cider was something that only characters in Thomas Hardy novels and school kids in bus shelters consumed, but today cider is back big time. 
19/01/2012 22:12 GMT