Jane Sparrow

Managing Director & Author, The Culture Builders

Managing Director & Author, The Culture Builders

Licenced to Feel Sorry for Bond

But no, the new 'touchy-feely' MI6 is looking for people that understand the 'human side' of spying on people. Wanting recruits who are good at teamwork, they just aren't interested in the 'lonely misogynist' that is James.
29/10/2015 14:25 GMT

Watching Apple Take Our Attention Away

This new breed of attention-spans-of-a-butterfly are going to soon be perfecting the art of casually glancing at and fiddling with their Watch.
10/03/2015 15:23 GMT

Don't Bank on Our Current Generation

Want a better bank? You just need to wait until everyone who currently works in the banking industry retires and then, hey presto, you'll have one.
26/11/2014 11:00 GMT

Slumped Over Your Desk? You and Everyone Else.

The business world seems to have woken up in the last 48 hours. It's September, the schools have re-opened and people are sleepwalking back to work after a summer break. But just because we are physically back-at-work, it doesn't mean we are all mentally and emotionally there - the lights are on, but nobody is home in many cases.
04/09/2014 15:15 BST

Barclays Banking on Its People... Unlikely

Who is the last person in the world you'd want cooking your dinner in a restaurant? If you think in the same terms as I do, it'll be the chef that's just been sacked. If you're about to choose a bank, who would be the last person that you'd want managing your account... Someone who is sat there worrying they are one of the 14,000 that is on the 'to be cut' list?
08/05/2014 14:49 BST

Smoking With Fury, Smoking With Ignorance

The 'debate' this week in Parliament regarding smoking in cars with child passengers had me hanging my head in disbelief. We are talking about an activity that puts more than 4,000 chemicals into the air, a number of which are <u>known</u> to cause cancer. Why are we debating it at all... and why are people in our government still opposing it?
11/02/2014 15:07 GMT

Can Ryanair's New Culture Take Off?

Michael O' Leary's decision to tackle Ryanair's reputation for poor customer service is a powerful reminder that culture is king when it comes to driving growth. The impact of the company's 'abrupt' culture has resulted in an intense battle to secure loyalty from both recreational and business travellers who expect great service as standard.
26/09/2013 14:17 BST

Transparent Banking? I Can't See it Vince

There's been a major breakthrough in the financial sector this week, as Vince Cable announces a panacea for the long-term woes that banks have been facing. All they need to do, apparently, is 'get people to trust them'. That, seriously, is what Vince's big announcement boils down to.
16/07/2013 15:19 BST

Mr Cake, I Applaud You

There are many ways to resign: with dignity, anger, absence, humour... alcohol (all five if you want to go out in style). But with a cake?
17/04/2013 14:35 BST

Google - A Glass-Half-Full Company

So what are Google? They are not upstarts or start-ups anymore, having now been around for 15 years. They are not evil (as they keep telling us). What they are is clever - they are a 'Clever Company', a niche category that so many others fail to grasp.
01/03/2013 11:16 GMT

Twitter Message: LOL, Your Reputation Is at Risk

Communication's completed a huge curve of development and returned to a medium that drives brevity and encourages short cuts, leaving little room for chatty content. That said, it's become an art from that's produced some classic tweets that come close to Hemingway's famous, poignant six-word story: "Baby shoes for sale, never worn."
30/01/2013 16:14 GMT

Is Boeing Big Enough to Say It's Wrong... Or Is It Too Big to Do So?

"We stand behind its overall integrity" declares the official statement from Boeing regarding the grounding of its fleet of 787s. This brings images to my mind of 'Chemical Ali' - the Iraqi minister who declared that they were winning the war, as Baghdad burnt behind him.
27/01/2013 23:24 GMT