Janetta Harvey

Author, Campaigner

Janetta Harvey is author of Saving Susie-Belle, a personal account of the life she shares with her adopted dog, Susie-Belle, a survivor of the worst end of the commercial puppy breeding industry. The sequel, Saving One More examines the global puppy breeding business and updates readers on life shared these days with Susie-Belle’s adopted canine sister, another, severely damaged by her years of imprisonment in a UK puppy farm.

Janetta's an active campaigner and networks widely with others around the world who are battling to bring an honest awareness into the minds of the puppy buying public of the endemic cruelty present in much of the vast puppy breeding business today. She's a prolific writer, believing the right words can bring potent change in the world and is currently working on a book for children, the puppy buyers of the future.

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