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Janice Atkinson

Independent MEP for the South East, member of the Europe of Nations and Freedoms group in the European Parliament

Janice Atkinson is the Independent MEP for the South East. She fought the 2010 election as a Tory PPC and is now a vice chairman of the ENF group in the European Parliament. She jointly ran, a think tank/pressure group based on centre-right thinking to counteract the left's feminista project under the high priestess of feminism, Harriet Harmanista and believes feminism is toxic and doesn't represent ordinary women. She is an ordinary woman, has run her own successful media and marketing agency. She is on her second marriage to the wonderful Simon, she has two sons and two step-children. She will not seek to offend but to defend the policies of the right (and sometimes even the left), expose daft ideas and the politically correct.

Grief-stricken Post-Brexit Snowflake Nonsense

I've had some wet, teary and quite frankly ludicrous outpouring of grief emails from the Remainiacs. Those who were more measured in their approach of course received a considered reply.
20/07/2016 11:13 BST

I Was the Fly in the Ointment of Brussels' Excess

I was in Brussels for a number of interviews on Brexit and meetings when my assistant suggested we attend the 'European Business Summit, Under the High Patronage of His Majesty the King of the Belgians', in one of his magnificent palaces. Not wanting to be rude, off we went.
04/06/2016 22:10 BST

Utopian Brexiteer Explains Some Basic Questions Raised by Lord Hill, EU Commissioner

Forgetting even European decline, its importance to the UK is shrinking. In the last seventeen years, the proportion of UK goods going to the EU has dropped by 10% - not risen as you'd expect. The rate at which this is happening has also sped up since 2010, to 1% per year. Predictions suggest that this will continue until at least 2019.
15/04/2016 11:55 BST

Republicans Back Brexit - A Tale of CPAC

It was a brilliant few days. Before I flew home I took part in a Fox News debate with the brilliant KT McFarland, former Reagan staffer and Fox News' security expert. Also on stage were two security experts and Nile Gardiner former aide to Thatcher, who gave a particularly excoriating view of the EU and Cameron's Conservatives. It was a packed room and at the end they all backed Brexit.
11/03/2016 16:27 GMT

Ukip Leaks Mr Cameron's Immigration Speech to the EU

... Mine's a pint of Bombardier, by the way, reminds me of when our country was great, when we stood up for you against the other bullies in Europe, we came to your rescue back then. Colleagues and good Europeans, now I ask you to support my country in our hour of need.
19/12/2013 13:37 GMT

Vote Ukip, Get Ukip: Vote Ukip to Stop Miliband

In Kent, we are now the official opposition with seventeen county councillors, with our strong areas being South Thanet, Folkestone & Hythe, North Thanet, Dover & Deal and Sittingbourne & Sheppey. We will be fielding strong candidates in each seat, one of which will be Nigel Farage.
11/12/2013 12:35 GMT

Who's the Daddy? - A View From the Tory Party Conference With Nigel Farage

This week, I went to Manchester to the Tory party conference. Not as a Tory this time, but a happy Ukipper... The excellent IEA event - a 'Fag and a Pint With Nigel Farage' was a chance to showcase the man, our policies, our philosophy and where we stand on many issues. Again, the room was a little cosy and Nigel was on good form. The Tories were in denial that we were there.
02/10/2013 13:48 BST

Dave's Pretending to Be a Closet Kipper But Has Been Disrobed by Barroso

I never thought I would agree with anything an uelected Eurocrat uttered. But yesterday I saw myself nodding in agreement, punching the air and saying, by jingoism, old Barroso's got it. In a staggering admission, European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso, stated that Ukip could win the forthcoming European Parliament elections and that the Tories were merely a "copy" of Ukip in their European election strategy.
13/09/2013 10:28 BST

Happy 20th Birthday to Ukip - What Stand For and Why We Are Winning Hearts and Minds

Ukip celebrates its 20th birthday today. And what a happy birthday. Riding high in the polls, consistently outpolling the Lib Dems and capturing votes from the LibLabCon. So, where are we 20 years on? A membership of 30,500 and climbing. What other party can boast increasing membership and willing to give the exact figures week by week?
03/09/2013 12:12 BST

Competence Review - A Cynical and Futile PR Exercise by Cameron

The first Balance of Competence review, long-promised by the Coalition Government is out, but sadly due to the political stance of Mr Cameron, I fear it shall do us little good. It may produce a little light, but sadly there is little heat in the body politic of the Coalition to actually act and reclaim the powers that are discussed.
24/07/2013 11:17 BST

Farage the Human Dynamo Has Back-Up Waiting in the Wings

Yesterday's piece in the Huffpo featured UKIP's Treasurer, Stuart Wheeler, who said that UKIP needs to showcase its brightest and best to ensure that we are seen as a broader party than just Nigel Farage. And we do not want him burning himself out, human dynamo that he is.
12/07/2013 15:39 BST

The Left Start to Take Ukip Seriously - Is That Why They Are Attacked?

The Left are finally taking Ukip seriously because we are taking their votes. We have seen a recent spate of bad news stories directed at Ukip. Ukip's founder, Alan Sked is setting up and alternative 'left wing Ukip' and Miliband advisor, Stewart Wood, let slip that Labour will probably sign up to a referendum before the next election.
26/06/2013 10:31 BST