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Jason Holmes

Writer based in London

A Londoner by birth, JH has written for journals such as Wallpaper, ShortList, The Stage, Soho Journal and and has worked at EMAP, Haymarket Media Group, Reed Elsevier and Dow Jones.

It's Only Doc'n'Roll But They Like It

It's in the documentary where a story's telling can be straighter, clearer and where new money can be made, as evinced by Doc'n'Roll, a new film festival that is helping to repopulate the world of the independent film-maker. All, thankfully, is not lost.
23/09/2015 16:40 BST

Fast Food and Even Faster Fighting: the Bangkok Connection

Gastronomy and pugilism. One, it seems, begets the other when you're standing outside the Rajadamnern Stadium in modern Bangkok, the beating heart of old Siam. You drink a glass of pennywort and hand over your baht. You sidestep to the next stall and buy some glutinous rice and pork cooked in banana leaves. Then your mind begins to drift.
13/08/2015 13:58 BST

Tubby Hayes: When Fans Remember a British Jazz Legend

"It's the classic story of crash and burn," says Mark Baxter, the writer of the new documentary film <a href="" target="_hplink">Tubby Hayes: A Man In A Hurry</a> which hopes to do for one of this country's jazz greats what <em>Searching For Sugar Man</em> (2012) did for Sixto Rodriguez.
14/05/2015 17:43 BST

Selling The Family Silver: Return Of the Supergroup

Master drummer Steve White (The Style Council and Paul Weller), bassist Damon Minchella (Ocean Colour Scene), and singer-songwriter/guitarist Matt Deighton (Mother Earth, Paul Weller and Oasis) have coalesced as The Family Silver, drawn almost inexorably to each other after all these years. And with a novel plan.
08/04/2015 16:20 BST

Pete Waterman Interview: Waiting for the Next Big Thing

"I've always been driven by what people want and not what I like," says Pete Waterman OBE. "I'm lucky enough to have come into this business seeing The Beatles before they were The Beatles, when they were John Lennon and The Silver Beetles.
19/03/2015 22:05 GMT

Is This the Last Hurrah For the Noble Art?

This is the big one, the defining match of this generation, the one they've been waiting for all of these lean years. It'll be up there with Ali versus Frazier and Sugar Ray Leonard versus Marvin Hagler, and it may very well be the last of its kind.
05/03/2015 11:59 GMT

iC1s and That London Thing

A band like iC1s, who sit calmly within the vanguard of the London scene and are rated by the likes of Carl Barat and Alan McGee, possess a lot of the old, natural swagger.
19/02/2015 10:15 GMT

A Picture Paints a Thousand Words

It is worth remembering that satirical artists should be ever mindful of the need to root themselves with care and intelligence in the fast-shifting political landscape of the 21st century so that their pictures might clearly speak the phrases that we sometimes cannot.
22/01/2015 10:04 GMT

Madame Butterfly: The Czechs and Balances Of a Night at the Opera

Art costs wherever you go, yes, but a box costing £40 (CZK1,370) here in Prague at the State Opera House to watch <em>Madame Butterfly</em> compared to a ticket which costs roughly four times as much at Covent Garden's opera citadel here in London, has one asking the question: why the disparity in price?
09/01/2015 15:20 GMT

Alias Kid, Banging Their Own Drum

These are men of the north country, a happy band of brothers who have staked their future on one roll of the dice. Or so it would seem were it not for the man who has stepped in to back the musical endeavours of Manchester-based band, Alias Kid. 
18/12/2014 06:37 GMT

Vanishing London: It's Time Now for Soho to Save Its Soul

Today, residents of the likes of Mark Powell and Tim Arnold do their utmost to keep the flame of art and invention alive in conjunction with the annual Soho Literary Festival, Berwick Street Market, the art collective Vermilion Hook, admirable literary hub The Society Club on Ingestre Place and even the modern incarnations of Ronnie Scott's jazz club and the Soho Theatre.
04/12/2014 11:47 GMT

Los Angeles Redux: Photographic Memories From the Getty Center

Los Angeles is two cities: one of the rarefied film world whose players live secluded in the Hollywood hills; the other the working city, populated by panhandlers, grifters and grafters, the wide boulevards down which course the cabs, limos and fender-bent Fords in a twilight that could be early morning or the dim mauve of after sunset.
20/11/2014 11:18 GMT

Our Favourite Shop: John Simons, the Tale Of a London Stylist

Simons is also the man who named the iconic Harrington jacket. Originally known as the G9 jacket as sold by the Baracuta brand, John sold it in his shop as the 'Harrington' after Rodney Harrington, the character played by Ryan O'Neal in the TV soap opera <em>Peyton Place</em>.
06/11/2014 14:26 GMT

Poetry, the Art Form That Tries To Think Before It Speaks

In a recent interview with Andrew Marr, the writer and broadcaster Clive James said he'd "be lost without poetry" and in doing so spoke for us all. We, like James, take refuge in words, bathing in the salve of their sound, of English used with precision and intent...
23/10/2014 12:57 BST

Ricky Tomlinson, a Northern Soul

Set in 1974 and shot on location in Burnley, Blackburn, Bury and Bolton, <em>Northern Soul</em> is Elaine Constantine's directorial film debut and comprises a British cast who share her fond remembrance.
10/10/2014 11:38 BST