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Jay Islaam

Comedian. Writer. Broadcaster. Brummie.

Jay Islaam is a multi-award-winning comedian, writer and broadcaster from Birmingham who regularly performs at some of the biggest comedy clubs in the country. His interests include world travel, politics, science, technology, theology, medieval history and misanthropy, and he's a regular guest on TV and radio. Jay has lived in New York, Los Angeles, Istanbul, Dubai and London.

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Five Things You Should Know Before Converting To Islam

Joining any religious community is fraught with culture shocks and the danger of committing unforgivable faux pas. As one of the best Muslims in the country - possibly the world - I'm in a strong position to give some pointers about what Lindsay can expect should she officially decide to join the faith.
02/02/2017 17:03 GMT

Ten Must See New Acts At Edinburgh Fringe 2016

There are plenty of big names gracing the Edinburgh Fringe right now, and there'll be celebrity acts, to suit every taste, showing off their latest productions all over the city. However, every superstar started at the bottom of the ladder and had to work their way to success, demonstrating their superiority amongst their tenderfoot peers.
16/08/2016 10:56 BST

Ten Must See Scottish Acts at Edinburgh Fringe 2016

With Edinburgh Scotland's most popular tourist destination, the locals are used to being outnumbered by <em>sassenachs</em>. Things get much worse at Fringe time, and it's easy to forget there are plenty of homegrown comedians to enjoy too. Here's my recommendations for ten brilliant acts who are all as Scottish as a highland terrier chewing shortbread on Loch Lomond
10/08/2016 13:09 BST

Ten Must See Edinburgh Fringe Shows For 2016

While up in the Scottish capital, I'm hoping to see at least two comedy shows a day. It is, after all, the world's biggest arts festival, featuring the best of British and international talent - many of them free entry. So here's ten shows I'm recommending (in alphabetical order) if you're visiting Edinburgh this month...
04/08/2016 11:17 BST

Eight Eccentrics You'll Meet at Open Mic Comedy

Over the last few years, I've graced the stage at hundreds of Open Mic comedy shows across the country. And, as you'd expect, I've met thousands of the nicest, most intelligent and creative people around. I've also come across some exceptionally strange characters who've often been more entertaining offstage than what's happening at the front of the room.
10/11/2015 17:12 GMT

Ten Things You Didn't Know About Islam

It's one of the world's most successful religions, with an estimated 1.5 to 2billion adherents. Yet, thanks to misrepresentations of its tenets by its opponents, and by Muslims themselves, it's a staggeringly misunderstood ideology...
22/10/2015 20:17 BST

A Blagger's Guide to Gigging at Edinburgh Fringe

This advice is being given on the assumption that before you go to Edinburgh, you've at the very least written yourself 5-10 minutes worth of comedy you can perform on stage. If you haven't got that, then by all means visit the festival but don't bother getting on a stage and wasting audiences' time.
08/08/2014 16:55 BST

I Refuse To Be An 'Ethnic Comedian'

Setting up awards to recognise achievements by women or minority groups does a disservice to the gifted female and ethnic minority talents who are more than capable of competing with the crème de la crème of their chosen fields... I can assure you, the best neither need nor want such well meaning, but ultimately patronising, "positive" discrimination.
31/07/2014 17:08 BST