Jeff Salmon

Art and design dealer, and all-round business guru off the telly.

Jeff Salmon is star of the hit Channel 4 auction show Four Rooms.

The multi-millionaire is one of Britain's most famous art and design dealers - known for his flamboyant scarves and deciding whether to spend thousands on the roll of a dice.

He doesn't suffer fools and has been described as 'the Simon Cowell of the art world' due to his acid tongue.

Salmon, a specialist in modern art and furniture design, has a string of celebrity clients including Kate Moss and Uma Thurman at his Marleybone gallery Decoratum.

A serial entrepreneur, he also founded the design agency Fishfinger, The Air Conditioning Company and Salmon Assessors insurance claim negotiators.

All the businesses are based at the Salmon Group HQ in North London.

The father-of-four divides his time between homes in North London and Barbados.
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