Jeffrey Gedmin

Chairman, Global Politics and Security, Georgetown University Foreign Service School; Senior Adviser, Blue Star Strategies; and Co-Director, Transatlantic Renewal Project

Jeffrey Gedmin is a Senior Fellow, Georgetown University, and Senior Fellow, Institute for Strategic Dialogue (London). He was President and CEO of the Legatum Institute in London from 2011 to 2014.
Prior to that, Jeffrey Gedmin served from 2007 to 2011 as President and CEO of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, where he oversaw the company's strategy and broadcast operations in 22 countries. Before RFE/RL he served for five years as Director of the Aspen Institute Berlin. Before that, he was Resident Scholar at the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) in Washington, D.C and Executive Director of the New Atlantic Initiative.

Jeffrey Gedmin's articles on foreign policy, media and public diplomacy have appeared in a range of newspapers and magazines. He has produced two major television documentaries for PBS. Gedmin has taught at Gonzaga College High School and Georgetown University, where he holds a Ph.D. in German and sits on the board of the Foreign Service School, Masters program. In 2010 he was awarded an honorary Doctorate by the Tbilisi State University, Georgia.
How Many Slaves Around the

How Many Slaves Around the World?

Human trafficking is a scourge of our times, and whether in sex trade or forced labour, women and girls tend to be especially vulnerable. According to the International Labour Organisation (ILO), more than half of all victims world-wide are female. In fact, the U.S. State Department estimates that, among the 600,000 to 800,000 people trafficked across international borders every year, nearly 70% female. Half are children.
24/11/2014 15:04 GMT
ISIS, Its Victims, Our Obligation to

ISIS, Its Victims, Our Obligation to Intervene

We can't intervene everywhere. We have challenges at home. Our resources are limited; so, too, our ability to affect outcomes. Good intentions do not suffice. Sometimes trying to do the right thing can make things worse. So when an atrocity unfolds, how do we decide when to intervene?
04/11/2014 17:04 GMT
Bill Murray, St. Vincent, and the Case for Good

Bill Murray, St. Vincent, and the Case for Good Corn

Having heard Bill Murray on the subject and reflected a little myself, I still can't convincingly explain the difference between good and bad corn. But I do know good corn exists and there are times when a good dose can be very therapeutic. That's what I got from Bill Murray's new film, <em>St. Vincent</em>.
29/10/2014 14:56 GMT
Why the World Is About to Become a Far More Dangerous

Why the World Is About to Become a Far More Dangerous Place

Note to Der Spiegel: Germany belongs to NATO, a collective defense organisation, and is bound by treaty membership to defend Latvia (and the other Baltic nations) if attacked -- just as the U.S., Britain and others were obliged to protect West Germany during the Cold War.
05/08/2014 13:23 BST
In Putin's Plan, Are the Baltic States

In Putin's Plan, Are the Baltic States Next?

It's my second time in Tallinn in just four months. The weather in the Estonian capital in summer seems nearly as cold and rainy as late February. Tourists are out in ample numbers this time, wrapped in raincoats and scarves for strolls through the medieval old town. There's a sense of normalcy on the streets and in the tour groups. In the political class, though, there's angst-ridden chattering. ..
04/06/2014 14:51 BST
Slip Sliding Away: What US Decline Means for the

Slip Sliding Away: What US Decline Means for the World

In this year's <a href="" target="_hplink">Legatum</a> Prosperity Index - a comprehensive survey of wealth and wellbeing around the world - we find the United States slipping. Again. It's not good news for Americans.
31/10/2013 11:32 GMT
US Government Shutdown - The Roots of

US Government Shutdown - The Roots of Discontent

On the U.S. government shutdown, it can be hard to pick your way through the millions of words of blather and blame. For anyone who's still paying attention, there are deep roots to the problem.
07/10/2013 10:28 BST
Aung San Suu Kyi, Václav Havel, and the Art of

Aung San Suu Kyi, Václav Havel, and the Art of Dissent

At Prague's Forum 2000 there are often surprises and touching gestures. What else would you expect from a conference started by a man who rode a scooter down the hallways of Prague castle when he became President and drew a heart as part of his signature?
23/09/2013 11:37 BST
Does History

Does History Matter?

Politicians love to invoke history. It's fodder for Syria, tax policy, welfare reform and what to do about the environment. The late historian Tony Judt once argued that we suffer from a dangerous illusion, namely "'that we live in a time without precedent . . . and that the past has nothing to teach us''. Sure enough.
06/09/2013 13:22 BST
Do Dolphins Have Names? Do Elephants Have a

Do Dolphins Have Names? Do Elephants Have a Soul?

The only thing that should really surprise us about the recent report that dolphins use names for each other is that we're surprised at all. Ever since Descartes, it seems drilled into us that what separates us humans from the animal world is, well, nearly everything that matters. Yet over time we've also learned that animals can have emotions, beliefs and extraordinary capability to learn and communicate.
30/07/2013 13:37 BST
In Wales with the POW - The Case for (And Against) Beauty and

In Wales with the POW - The Case for (And Against) Beauty and Harmony

I met Prince Charles recently in Wales. Joined by my colleague, journalist-historian Hywel Williams, the two of us were invited to meet the Prince of Wales at Coed Darcy, where a small group of guests had been invited to see how Neath Port Talbot council, BP, the Welsh assembly and developers St Modwen are trying to turn one of Europe's biggest brownfield sites into a healthy, flourishing community.
09/07/2013 12:09 BST
Nelson Mandela: Great for What He Did - And What He Didn't

Nelson Mandela: Great for What He Did - And What He Didn't Do

Mandela has been a leader of remarkable courage, of stamina and resilience. These qualities started to show early in school, as Mandela suffered penalties and expulsions, the result of his steady anti-apartheid conviction. He went to law school, passed the bar and helped to establish South Africa's most prestigious black law firm. No small feat, these accomplishments in those days.
26/06/2013 13:06 BST
Why Leaders

Why Leaders Fail

It's astonishing how much of the vast amount of management and leadership material available - books, videos, conferences, Ted Talks - is intuitive, repetitive, formulaic or trite.
20/06/2013 16:55 BST