Jeni Tennison

Director of Open Addresses UK and Technical Director of the Open Data Institute

Jeni Tennison is the Director of Open Addresses UK and the Technical Director of the Open Data Institute. She originally trained as a psychologist and knowledge engineer, gaining a PhD in collaborative ontology development from the University of Nottingham. She went on to work as an independent consultant and practitioner, specialising in open data publishing and consumption, including XML, JSON and linked data APIs, before joining the Open Data Institute in 2012. She was awarded an OBE for services to technology and open data in the 2014 New Year Honours.

Before joining the ODI, Jeni was the technical architect and lead developer for, which pioneered the use of open data APIs within the public sector, set a new standard in the publication of legislation on the web, and formed the basis of The National Archives’ strategy for bringing the UK’s legislation up to date as open, public data.

Within the wider UK public sector, Jeni worked on the early linked data work on, helping to engineer new standards for the publication of statistics as linked data; building APIs for geographic, transport and education data; and supporting the publication of public sector organograms as open data.

She continues her work within the UK’s public sector as a member of the UK Government Linked Data Group, the Open Data User Group, the Crime and Justice Transparency Sector Panel, the Education Data Transparency Group and the Open Standards Board. Jeni has contributed to several international standards through the W3C, working on XSLT and XPath 2.0 within the XSL Working Group and on XProc within the XML Processing Working Group.

She was appointed by Tim Berners-Lee to the W3C’s Technical Architecture Group in 2011 and has since chaired the W3C’s HTML Data Task Force. In 2014 she started to co-chair the W3C’s CSV on the Web Working Group.
How Should the Pay Gap Be

How Should the Pay Gap Be Published?

It is reported that David Cameron is planning to enforce the publication of average male and female pay for firms with over 250 employees. To increase accountability and to enable government to monitor the effect of their policy, this pay gap should be published as open data.
17/07/2015 16:09 BST
Who Owns the Web of

Who Owns the Web of Data?

At the national level access to aggregated mobile phone data would allow aid agencies to understand where crowds are likely to be located, where they may have come from and where they might be going. This could be invaluable when there is a need to quickly respond to emergencies.
29/05/2015 18:47 BST
A Brief History of Open

A Brief History of Open Addresses

The UK's postal history can be traced back to the 12th Century and Henry I, who appointed messengers to carry letters for government. Fast forward to 1635 and Charles I opened up the Royal Mail to the public, the UK's first ever national postal service.
16/01/2015 13:11 GMT