Jennie Bristow

Author, "Standing Up To Supernanny"

Jennie Bristow writes about parenting culture and reproductive choice. She is author of Standing Up To Supernanny, and co-author of Licensed to Hug: How Child Protection Policies Are Poisoning the Relationship Between the Generations and Damaging the Voluntary Sector. She blogs at Parents With Attitude and is a regular contributor to spiked.

Jennie is an associate of the Centre for Parenting Culture Studies at the University of Kent, where she is currently researching the social construction of intergenerational conflict. She edits the British Pregnancy Advisory Service publication Abortion Review, and runs the editing service Punctuate! Jennie lives in Kent with her husband and two young daughters.

Abortion is Not a Mental Health Problem

Women generally make their decisions about abortion, and motherhood, with the support of their partners, families and friends. When they make their decision, the primary role of abortion services should be to respect their autonomy to make it.
10/12/2011 20:20 GMT

Working Mothers and the Government's Two Faces

If we needed further evidence that strikes ain't what they used to be, it comes with Prime Minister David Cameron's bleeding heart over the childcare crisis facing working mothers during this Wednesday's public sector walkout.
29/11/2011 13:27 GMT

The 'Foundation Years': For a New Generation of Mini-Camerons?

I think it's time to get properly offended by the professionalisation of the toddler years. It should not be the government's role to replace our Mini-Mes with a bunch of Mini-Camerons, schooled in the art of jumping through official hoops before they can even use knives and forks.
19/07/2011 23:09 BST

Social Mobility: Who's Winning in the School-Fiddling Wars?

Middle-class parents in the know are taking their children out of the top private schools that have Junior and Senior sections, and instead sending them to smaller preparatory schools, which prepare children for the 11+ exam that allows entry to state-funded grammar schools
27/06/2011 09:32 BST