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Jenny Afia

Privacy and reputation lawyer, partner at Schillings

Jenny helps the world’s most successful people have more privacy and protect their reputations. Her clients are mainly in entertainment and technology. Jenny sits on the Leadership Council of 5Rights, a civil society initiative campaigning for all children to be able to access digital technologies creatively, fearlessly and knowledgeably. She is also a member of the Children’s Commissioner’s Task Force on Growing Up in the Digital Age.
Digital Baggage: Young And

Digital Baggage: Young And Old

“By his Tweets shall ye know him”. This was top academic Mary Beard’s take on journalist turned educationalist, Toby Young’s
15/01/2018 14:36 GMT
Trial By Social

Trial By Social Media

Social media knows no boundaries. You'll find the cyber-libeller potentially on every phone and on every discussion focused app, virtually, anywhere in the world. It does not matter whether you're uploading an opinion in Uttoxeter or Utah; subscribe to the feed, and you'll be fed whatever rage, bile or untruth the source feels fits the alleged crime.
13/11/2017 12:51 GMT
Knock Knock. Who's

Knock Knock. Who's There?

You get home after a great night out. You're thinking you'll be a bit tired for tomorrow morning's meeting but it was worth it to see your friends. You're just about to put your keys into the lock, when the door opens. The lock's broken. You move from mellow to misery, via terror, in about half a second. You've been burgled, done over, invaded. Your deadlock's deadbeat.
14/09/2017 17:22 BST
Make It

Make It Legal

I know confidence doesn't always come easily. Progress does not have to mean perfection. Believe me, I've had days when I've felt like the dumbest person on a conference call. But I have learned from my less than stellar performances. Most of us are more than 'good enough'. Just making some small behavioural changes, can help us turn a flat lining career path into one that begins to tilt upwards.
11/08/2017 12:34 BST
Online Trolls: Will They Force The New Doctor To Retreat To The

Online Trolls: Will They Force The New Doctor To Retreat To The Tardis?

If you are a public figure, though, you are not fair game. You do not deserve 'everything and anything that comes your way'. All of us are potentially vulnerable, so the perpetrators of online abuse must be made to take responsibility for their actions. Confiscating their phone and a rap on the knuckles is not nearly enough of a deterrent.
20/07/2017 12:32 BST
Constantly Craving A Net Fix: When Our Kids Can't Stop

Constantly Craving A Net Fix: When Our Kids Can't Stop Swiping

When it comes to online, we are living in a world of the known unknowns and the unknown unknowns. Let's not allow any online players to treat our children as if they are part of social experiment. We need regulation and proper discussion. And soon.
20/04/2017 12:10 BST
Internet Safety Day - Is It

Internet Safety Day - Is It Enough?

The Newsround kid contributors told me that sometimes social media makes them anxious. Selfies, they say, are fun, but come with a catch. "It's important to look good...when I look at photos of celebrities I worry a bit about how I look", said one. "Sometimes I take 10 or 15 pictures before I am happy with the one I put on the site", said another.
13/02/2017 15:35 GMT
Social Media Terms And Conditions Are Failing Our

Social Media Terms And Conditions Are Failing Our Children

Although social media sites claim that they have always prioritised giving people easy to understand, clear information about their safety and privacy policies, both the Children's Commissioner and I, along with a whole host of others believe that the odds are stacked against children online
11/01/2017 14:33 GMT
Fake News: Chipping Away At Our

Fake News: Chipping Away At Our Freedoms

The net is not neutral, and the democracy we take for granted all too often, is precarious. It is worth fighting for, though. As is a hard won personal or professional reputation. Fake news flags up the fragility of these freedoms and I, for one, don't want the fraudsters taking them away.
09/12/2016 16:15 GMT
Is Privacy

Is Privacy Dead?

I'm optimistic that as initiatives like iRights gain momentum, those providing platforms for children to share personal information ‎will make empowerment and protection key product features; thus ensuring that privacy remains alive and well for generations to come.
11/08/2015 16:49 BST