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I am a freelance writer blogging on comedy, parenting, politics and gardening. I started out working for BBC news online and since going freelance I have worked for AOL, ITV, Yahoo as well as keeping my own blog where I try to make people laugh. I live with my husband and three sons in Buckinghamshire.

Less Balls Please - Why Tennis Should Keep Pay Equal

If you are giving someone a lower rate of pay because of their gender, that is wrong. Djokovic may say it's based on popularity of players, but it's gender he is using as the dividing line, not gate receipts.
21/03/2016 11:38 GMT

Changing Your Name Isn't What It Used to Be

I am a feminist and I kept my own name when I got married, but I don't see the two as being especially linked. Maybe I'm a terrible feminist, but I didn't really have a deep ideological battle over it. It didn't really come to that for me. I just like my name and didn't want to change it.
13/11/2015 16:03 GMT

Why We Should Feel Sorry for Tim Hunt - Just Not That Sorry

I do feel sorry for Professor Hunt, I'm sure he is a very nice man and he should still have his job, but let's not forget, his damaged reputation is his own fault. The professor is finding out what it's like to have your career blighted by a single moment of human weakness
17/06/2015 15:19 BST

Why Kate Moss Comes Out of Flight Fracas Looking Pretty Good

Having just seen Virgins Sex Pistols inspired credit cards and then dragging my eyes through and article about pop 'rivals' Katy Perry and Taylor Swift writing vaguely pissy songs at each other, Kate Moss has saved my laptop from being coated with vomit. Thank you Kate for being a bit naughty, a bit rock 'n' roll.
09/06/2015 14:40 BST

Why World Book Day Is a Treat Not a Test for Parents

There's a rush on at Hobbycraft, Facebook is filled with kids in cardboard, and A&E is experiencing higher than average craft-glue related injuries. Yes folks it's World Book Day, the date circled red on every parent's calendar
08/03/2015 14:07 GMT

Blood, Sweat and Tennis - The Great Period Debate

I know this is a nuisance, but the thing is that there are loads of us women. Not all periods are the same. Some women just have a day of cramps and are fairly regular. Others can come on at any minute and will stab you in the eye/ burst in to tears of you look at them funny.
26/01/2015 17:43 GMT