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Jess Readett


21 year old international history and politics graduate from the university of leeds.
Dance Music Is Still A Boys'

Dance Music Is Still A Boys' Club

We all know that sexism exists and that it neither starts nor ends in the world of dance music. Yet in a scene supposedly based upon values of equality and inclusivity, it seems odd that the world of dance music and DJing should still be such a boys' club.
04/09/2017 12:26 BST
Isis Are Attacking More Countries Than

Isis Are Attacking More Countries Than Paris

If you genuinely care about the victims of ISIS then don't just care for the white dead ones. Care for the ones washing up on the shores of Calais, for the ones seeking asylum across Europe and for the ones our government will strike as 'collateral damage'. Don't bullshit with white washed sincerity and empty paragraphs that are little more than a jump on to the bandwagon.
24/02/2016 14:14 GMT
Grants Not

Grants Not Debt

In a country where money can be found to bomb the Middle East, buy a royal baby an £8,000 wendy house, invest in new nuclear technology and cover MP's 'expenses', there ceases to be any logical explanation as to why student grants should be scrapped.
20/01/2016 09:58 GMT
Kneel or No Kneel, The Monarchy Still Doesn't Make

Kneel or No Kneel, The Monarchy Still Doesn't Make Sense

The idea that such a notorious feature of our country is ultimately a system based on the principle that some people are born superior to others undermines all our claims of a more 'equal and fairer Britain' at a time when we really do need it most. Kneel or no kneel, we are a democratic nation striving towards equality, so can we please follow Jez's lead and start acting like one?
16/11/2015 09:57 GMT
Terrorism Has No

Terrorism Has No Religion

I'm tired of people confusing Muslims with Islamic extremists either through their own ignorance, laziness or prejudice. I'm tired of people saying we need to get 'them' out of our country, as though the actions of a minority represent the views of so many other innocent people just like you and me.
14/11/2015 21:12 GMT
Why George Osborne Needs a

Why George Osborne Needs a Period

So whilst I'm living the high life and rolling around in luxury thanks to my pack of tampons, I'll be thinking of Mr Osborne, barely scraping by and reliant on the tax free nature of his exotic meats and private jet maintenance. Oh, and helicopters. Can't forget the essentials!
29/10/2015 11:33 GMT
We Finally Have a Labour

We Finally Have a Labour Party

With his first act as Labour leader being to attend a rally for the refugee crisis, it is clear that Jeremy Corbyn has struck a chord with those among us who dislike the selfish politics Britain has pursued and want something better for our country.
12/09/2015 22:14 BST
Why Young People Should

Why Young People Should Travel

So whilst you do not need a gap yaah, a grand in the bank or a rich relative in every corner of the globe to travel the world, you do need the guts and drive to take your chance. Perhaps the question is not why young people should travel, but rather, why not?
30/07/2015 10:25 BST