Jessica Chan

Law Student

Jessica is a law student who is interested in pursuing a corporate law career. She is passionate about social justice issues.
Overcoming the Fear of

Overcoming the Fear of Failure

Generally, a twofold effect occurs when we fail at something: the feeling of disappointing others and the feeling of disappointing ourselves. Therefore, we fear failure because we want to avoid experiencing the effects of failure.
15/09/2015 11:34 BST
Sexual Violence Against Women - Understanding Sexual Violence (Part

Sexual Violence Against Women - Understanding Sexual Violence (Part One)

Sexual violence is a specifically reprehensible form of violence, and includes rape and any other attack of a sexual nature perpetuated against both males and females. Its repercussions can be iniquitous, and may include acute and physical repercussions for survivors and witnesses. Human trafficking can also lead to sexual violence, and I will be discussing the issue of 'modern slavery' in this article. I will also highlight the brutal effects of sexual violence in conflict.
05/11/2014 15:36 GMT
My Tribute to Nelson

My Tribute to Nelson Mandela

If only we can all just take one moment now, not just to grieve, but to focus our minds on the one thing we all forget constantly: loving one another. This is what I'm going to remember Nelson Mandela by, and we can pay tribute to him by practising what he preached every day of his life.
06/12/2013 09:54 GMT
Do Young Women of My Generation Need to 'Lean In'

Do Young Women of My Generation Need to 'Lean In' More?

However, I have noticed that much talk surrounding "Lean[ing] In" has centred mostly on women who already in the workplace. Whilst I have nothing against this, I feel as though younger women, girls of my own generation in the UK who are still in school, are, comparatively, missing out on this exciting 'buzz'.
11/04/2013 13:37 BST