Jessica Williams

Managing Director, Sidekicks Group

Jessica Williams is a former PA turned Managing Director of Sidekicks - the recruitment group supplying exceptional support people to businesses and individuals around the world.

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We Need To Move On From Moneypenny

Whilst the typing pool is (mostly) no longer seen as an acceptable target for leering and bottom-pinching, allowing discrimination to flourish unchecked in the guise of official-sounding rules about 'dress code' and 'house styles' is simply not progress enough. The support profession is a vital one, and we all deserve better.
04/10/2016 13:45 BST

Why I Have No Qualms Hiring Heavily Pregnant Staff

The reality is that women still worry about having a family for fear of losing their career, and employers worry about allocating resources to an individual whose career plans are in flux and subject to change. However, the rewards for taking a chance on these women are absolutely monumental.
23/09/2016 14:13 BST