Jez Fielder

Journalist, musician, writer, actor, wino and meat enthusiast

Jez Fielder is a writer, actor and musician based in London.
Educated at the Universities of Glasgow and California, he has been a teacher, a content writer for ecommerce websites and currently works in international news.

He writes for (and occasionally performs with) his rock band Indigo Down They released their debut album ‘Gin Lane’ in 2005 and are launching their new EP in late 2016.

He also co-wrote the web drama Five Years. -

In the summer of 2008 he wrote and performed his one-man show ‘My Life is Art’ at the Edinburgh Festival. The play sees Jez adopt the guise of Sir Barrington Ganch, an elderly actor, writer, artist and critic.

He is also writing a novel, but who isn't?

Jez is also a keen fencer. So watch it.

You can follow him on @jezmerelda

Pick Of The Fringe 2016

The London sunshine had got far too samey for me. It was time for some proper rain. A last minute visit to Edinburgh was my only hope. Having sped around the venues getting customarily soaked and, like the local cheeseburgers, lightly battered, I offer you my gems of choice from the finest entertainment festival in the world.
30/08/2016 12:41 BST

Frost* at the Islington O2

Frost* are an extraordinary band. Part of their allure may be their commitment to hardly ever playing live. One expected to see Attenborough in attendance, such is the rarity of these creatures being on the stage together. It is, however, worth the wait...
01/08/2016 12:21 BST

Sweet Caress by William Boyd - Book Review

Bloomsbury have published the much awaited new novel by William Boyd. I've had a copy of <em>Sweet Caress</em> for weeks but was waiting until closer to the publication date to write this review. Trouble is, I was told the 10th September. And they released it on August 27th. And now, of course, you've all read it, haven't you?!
01/09/2015 00:47 BST

Theatre Review: The Seagull at Regent's Park. Monday June 22 2015

Directed by Matthew Dunster and given a stunning panoramic setting by Jon Bausor which added a filmic vastness to many key scenes, Betts' audacious version is by turns harrowing and hilarious, eliciting screams of joy from a good-humoured audience who were clearly grateful that the only rain they saw was on the stage.
24/06/2015 11:08 BST

Lazuli - London Borderline - Saturday 29 Nov 2014

He coped admirably with the mix and allowed Lazuli's layered sonic tapestries and dynamic arrangements to thrive, accompanied by some delightfully theatrical lighting, befitting entirely the shifting moods of the pieces.
02/12/2014 12:57 GMT

Chekhov on Jermyn Street

So here I am, on the great man's birthday, on an incredibly mild January night at the Jermyn Street Theatre, sitting next to a young actress, recently graduated from drama school (and I didn't even have to slip the box office lady any notes), and I in my late thirties, feeling all Trigorin with my projected gravestone reading: "not as good as Michael Billington."
20/01/2014 12:55 GMT

London's Burning - With Enthusiasm

"Bloody Olympics lanes, it's bad enough without the extra million, it's going to be a total abortion, the whole thing, and the weather's shit," I said a few weeks ago.
10/08/2012 15:42 BST