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Jilly Luke is a writer and student at the University of Cambridge. She is a frequent contributor and editor at Varsity.co.uk. Follow her on Twitter @Jilly_Luke

Being a Footballer Is Not a Human Right: Say No to Signing Ched Evans

We do not owe Ched Evans anything more than is due to him under the law and being a footballer is not a fundamental human right. Being celebrated and re-elevated to the life of luxury that you decided to jack off when you raped someone is not a fundamental human right...
05/01/2015 17:54 GMT

Brand's Not the Messiah, He's A Very Naughty Boy

Russell Brand found a willing audience in Cambridge earlier this week as students turned out in their hundreds to hear him muse upon subjects as diverse as One Direction (Harry Styles is "apparently a bit of a character"), recreational drugs (Brand would have them fully legalised and regulated) and, of course, his much fêted revolution.
19/01/2014 19:15 GMT

Not All Misogynists Are Men

I know so many great women. I have incredible female mentors, friends, family members and role models. If you asked me to name 10 amazing women in my immediate acquaintance you'd have to stop me at 50 before I drew breath. By acknowledging the impact that our misogynistic culture has had on the way I think about women, I hope that I can one day be in some way worthy to count myself their friend, sister and student.
26/09/2013 15:38 BST

Being Clever is Not the Same as Being Posh

This little spell is not evidence that I am posh. Evidence that I'm a show-off? Maybe. Evidence that I'm a pretentious prat? Probably. It might even be evidence that I'm a bit good at writing essays on "Rings in Shakespearean Problem Plays". Evidence that I have managed a feat of social climbing which would make Becky Sharp damp-eyed with admiration? Certainly not.
08/08/2013 14:23 BST

Belfast: A Tale of Two Cities

The working class enclaves in inner-city Belfast have soaring poverty and joblessness rates. Once the voice of hardline unionism, the DUP has become increasingly mainstream and is seen to represent these communities less and less, with a similar process happening on the other side of the political divide.
09/07/2013 10:59 BST

More State School Pupils Should Apply to Cambridge

When we weren't stealing Tiny Tim's crutch in order to light cigars off it, I spent May Week in parks and gardens with friends. Reminiscing over the year that has been, I thought of all the times that my assumptions have been questioned, or I've been shown a whole new way of looking at things, or had my argument reduced to rubble by the careful twitching of a loose end. That is what Cambridge is really about.
27/06/2013 12:22 BST

Why I Am a Feminist

To me, feminism is the belief that all human beings are created equal and that women are human beings. Anyone who signs up to this principle, realises that it is not currently in play and thinks there's something not right about that can count themselves a feminist.
21/06/2013 11:45 BST

The Dove Campaign for Real Beauty is Not Your Friend

Not every single woman in the world is beautiful. This is actually ok. Being plain is not a tragedy. Being rubbish at pub quizzes is a problem. Being an actively nasty person is a problem. Having quite an average arrangement of facial features is not.
10/06/2013 16:08 BST

Baby Love?

News of Kate Middleton's pregnancy was received with fear and trembling by tabloid offices country-wide. This was largely because she was suffering from morning sickness, which is relentlessly unsexy. Glowing pregnancy is lovely: bokey, bed-ridden pregnancy is not.
04/06/2013 17:04 BST