Jim Roberts

Always hungry with a passion for travel.

I have previously written for Vice and a local music magazine in white chapel. I started writing on Chosen Food with Rosie Neve to provide an antidote to fashions and fads in food. It’s an attempt to try and include food and fun for everyone out there. I have no training or special knowledge, I have just made a collection of recipes, food, drinks and places to find food that I like.
Over the past 6 months and for the foreseeable future I am also eating my way around the world with Rosie Neve, so have started to write about this too.
These is our stories of our food and travel: www.Chosenfood.net
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If you're worried of breaking your phone then remember you are as likely to drop it after a few too many breezers at home as you are on a moped. If you're still worried get a case that is actually going to protect it.
10/03/2017 13:22 GMT
India - Selfie Game On

India - Selfie Game On Point

While I'm not a huge selfie aficionado, the creative geniuses of Kim Kardashian and Miley Cyrus have helped boost the art of selfies to stratospheric levels. Their genre defining style has led to absolute domination and power, with Kim managing to become the first selfie career artist.
06/03/2017 15:04 GMT