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Jo Caley

Parent, Childminder, vintage clothing seller and aspiring writer.

I'm a Mum to a lively and hilarious seven year old girl. I am forever chasing the dream and not really able to ever settle for the live to work lifestyle. I can often be found in charity shops searching for bargain books and vintage clothing, and when I'm not doing that or writing, I'll be in some sort of eatery instagramming my food.
I toyed with fashion blogging for a short time but found it didn't marry well with my honest and often satirical style of writing. Now a parent, I really value the positive feedback that I get from writing about real life issues.

Loving Someone With Mental Ill Health

Out of respect for my brother's privacy, I will not go into the details of what the catalyst was for his rapid slide into mental ill health, but just like I'm sure is the case with many others, our family did not see this coming - it was like a baseball bat had swung around and hit us right in the stomach.
11/10/2017 16:00 BST

10 Things That You Will Probably Do After Christmas Day

Reflection on the extreme food and drink consumption and the upsetting moment when you mentally tot up the Christmas shopping receipts and realise you may actually have been able to afford that new extension had you not spent the cash on M&S party food/half the Argos Catalogue/26743 metres of wrapping paper.
30/12/2016 13:12 GMT

Is Children's Down Time No Longer A Pastime?

I agree that all children need encouragement to progress and succeed. But is a meaningless literacy worksheet (in which connectives, adjectives and determiners must be used) the right way to go about it? What even IS a 'determiner' when it's at home?!
02/11/2016 13:24 GMT