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Joe is 21 and currently lives in Durham. He follows numerous sports but has a particular interest in football and especially that relating to the North East. He is an aspiring football writer currently writing for where his work is featured to thousands of readers on a daily basis.

Ten Premier League Players Who Are on Their Last Chance

The beginning of a new season is crunch time for a lot of footballers, as they find out whether they still have a place in the side following a summer of wholesale changes. With not much time to impress between now and the winter transfer window, here are 10 players who need to up their game quick, or may find themselves on the move very soon indeed.
11/09/2015 17:45 BST

Why Transfer Fees for Top Clubs Are Now Virtually Meaningless

When people say "ooh £50million for Raheem Sterling, that's an awful lot", they're wrong. Nobody is denying that on the scale of things £50million is a substantial amount of money, but to men who command oil empires around the world and probably employ butlers to roll them the finest tobacco in $100 notes, it's just about the square root of diddly squat.
12/08/2015 19:57 BST

Why Stoke City Are Now European Football Contenders

Since Mark Hughes was appointed boss in May 2013, he has gone great lengths to distance his team from the perceived hoof-ball of Tony Pulis. Nobody can deny the effectiveness of Pulis' Stoke, but it was damn ugly to watch and Hughes made his intention to play a clearly different style of football from the off.
05/08/2015 19:45 BST

Why Arsenal Are Genuine Premier League Contenders Heading into the New Season

Maybe a few years ago, this would have been a squad that was only capable of breaking the top four, but at a time that Manchester City are in transition and a time when Chelsea's squad looks surprisingly thin beyond their stellar first XI, maybe it is finally Arsenal's time to have another crack at the Premier League title.
09/07/2015 20:12 BST

Why Next Season Will Be Make or Break for Newcastle United

Many Toon fans are understandably skeptical of the man who has previously rebranded their historic stadium as the 'Sports Direct Arena' and slapped Wonga on the revered black and white stripes but so far, the signs seem to be positive.
01/07/2015 22:48 BST

Premier League 2014-15 Mid Table Awards

It's that time of year again! That end of season period where all of the accolades for the Premier League's best teams and players are distributed to the same old names over and over again. Here we shall be giving a nod to those who have probably been largely forgotten about, those who are stuck in mid-table mediocrity.
01/06/2015 08:16 BST

What Comes Next for Southampton FC?

Nevertheless, late into March and with a run-in that includes five fixtures with teams in the bottom half of the table, it seems that the Saints will defy all of the odds and finish on a par with the likes of Spurs and last season's runners-up, Liverpool. Cast your mind back to the beginning of the season and this would have seemed almost impossible.
27/03/2015 10:17 GMT

Six Reasons Why Real Sociedad Is the Perfect Move for David Moyes

Moving outside the comfort zone of the Premier League is a bold step for the Scot but if he can make an impression on La Liga, then he will prove to all of his doubters that he still has what it takes to manage at the highest level. Real Sociedad may just be the perfect place for Moyes...
12/11/2014 17:41 GMT

Eight Defenders That Top Premier League Clubs Should Look to in January

An exciting trend seems to have emerged in the Premier League over the last couple of years - defences have been forgotten about while attacks are lavishly spent upon. Just think, did Manchester United need Falcao at the expense of a good centre-back? Did Liverpool need Markovic? Did Arsenal need Sanchez? The list goes on.
31/10/2014 17:46 GMT