Joe Storey

Economics and Politics student at Exeter. Can also be found on Telegraph Education and Conservative Home

Joe Storey is an A-Level student whose interests include the financial sector, fracking, government economic policy and the immigration debate. He has been researching the influence of Thatcherism on the economic policies of the current Conservative party, research which he hopes to continue post-university.
Fracking: Climate Change

Fracking: Climate Change Concerns

Fracking is the sensible middle ground between preserving the environment and satisfying our energy needs. The industry is undeserving of the hysteria disseminated by opponents who threaten to jeopardise an energy source which is potentially beneficial to communities, the environment and consumers.
11/12/2014 13:42 GMT
Fracking: Regulation

Fracking: Regulation Concerns

The Green Lobby should not be able to tarnish shale gas extraction in the UK with examples from a country with a wildly different regulatory regime, nor should the public be concerned that UK regulators are impotent bodies.
26/11/2014 11:52 GMT
Fracking: Seismic Activity

Fracking: Seismic Activity Concerns

Cuadrilla suspended drilling after a series of tremors near its Preese Hall site, which has been operational since 2011. This moratorium was subsequently revoked in December 2012, allowing exploratory drilling to resume...
19/11/2014 14:07 GMT
Fracking: Water

Fracking: Water Concerns

If opponents are really concerned about water usage and are not disseminating falsehoods for their own political gain, their efforts would be far more effective targeting more water-intensive industries.
13/11/2014 15:42 GMT
Book Review: Tim Congdon's 'Money in a Free

Book Review: Tim Congdon's 'Money in a Free Society'

Long a monetarist advocate, Tim Congdon's distinguished career involved roles in the City of London and as a key advisor to the Thatcher government. To this day, Money in a Free Society remains one of the only critiques of the financial crisis from a monetarist standpoint.
28/10/2014 16:08 GMT
Sorry Greens, the TV Debates Just Aren't for

Sorry Greens, the TV Debates Just Aren't for You

The self-importance of the Greens is astonishing. In case you've missed the pandemonium, the Greens have threatened legal action over TV broadcasters excluding the party from the planned TV debates during the run-up to next year's general election...
15/10/2014 11:59 BST
Leave Minimum Wage Be and Cut Taxes to Aid the Cost of

Leave Minimum Wage Be and Cut Taxes to Aid the Cost of Living

To claim an increase in minimum wage will not cause employment consequences is to ignore the prevalence of technology within low-skilled jobs. As the Centre of Policy Studies quite rightly points out, increasing minimum wage is "essentially a tax on those who hire unskilled labour".
20/04/2014 15:31 BST
It Is a Misconception That a Living Wage Will Help

It Is a Misconception That a Living Wage Will Help Workers

Nationwide implementation of the living wage would harm employment prospects for the lowest paid and those aiming to join the labour market, stifle any chance of a business led recovery and provide more money for the Treasury, not for hardworking people.
27/03/2014 11:58 GMT