Joff Thompson

Standing up, sitting down and always writing stuff...

A few years ago I began writing sitcom scripts, but due the seemingly impossible task of getting them seen by anyone important, I decided to instead perform stand-up comedy, which I do when I can whilst I train to be a teacher. This is my most recent gig, in which I deconstruct a birthday card. I also co-wrote and performed in a sketch show for BBC Radio Oxford called Alien Fudge. As well as this, I have recently started blogging and have also just finished my first novel 'Best Years Of Our Lives', which is currently being proof-read.
The Wondering About the

The Wondering About the One-Hit-Wonder

If even sitting atop the hit parade can be dismissed as a flop, what then does constitute a hit? Any ideas? Anyone? It's not quite as easy to say when you start to give it some real thought.
03/10/2013 14:42 BST
Don't Give Our Ladies the

Don't Give Our Ladies the Bird...

The dismissal that women's football is meaningless and a waste of time. It makes me laugh because this label is often applied by men with personalities even less developed than Calvin Harris, who involve themselves in Sunday league football that is so far down the football pyramid that you need a <em>Time Team</em> dig to find it.
16/07/2013 12:15 BST
Should I Just Sit Down for

Should I Just Sit Down for Good?

It probably seems a little bit rich for someone who hasn't exactly made it as a stand-up (Hyphen? Space? One word? Who knows?) comedian to be blogging about what they think makes a good stand-up and passing judgement on the subject. But never mind...
13/06/2013 20:31 BST
Ding Dong! Romance Is

Ding Dong! Romance Is Dead...

I don't know about anyone else, but I noticed a death last week - something much bigger than an ice-cream scientist who led a small country 25 years ago.
22/04/2013 16:11 BST