John Giacobbi

Tales from the Interweb by The Web Sheriff

Web Sheriff Founder John Giacobbi is long renowned as the leading anti-piracy specialist in the music industry. A former music business lawyer and industry consultant, Giacobbi was a pioneer in protecting artists’ rights on the web. “People called the internet The New Wild West,” he explains. “So who better to ride into town and sort it out than the Web Sheriff?!”

Since founding Web Sheriff, clients have ranged from all-time legends such as MICHAEL JACKSON, DYLAN, PRINCE and VAN MORRISON, through to today’s hottest artists, such as LADY GAGA, ADELE and BEYONCE, as well as HOLLYWOOD studios and film distributors. Uniquely, Web Sheriff’s fan-friendly philosophy and inclusive approach is to actively engage with fans and bloggers and to “turn the perceived negative of anti-piracy into the massive positive of viral marketing.”
Last Days of

Last Days of Disco

As with The-Last-Days-of-Disco, the glitterball that was analogue TV has stopped spinning and, in the very worst form of collateral-damage, the music stopped for <strong>Ceefax</strong> too - RIP British Technology.
05/11/2012 11:43 GMT
Road to

Road to Perdition

In case anyone thinks that they can evade the consequences of their cyber-crimes by going on an endless tour of the M25, I'm afraid I've got bad news for you - the High Court decreed this week that writs could now be served via, you guessed-it... Facebook.
25/02/2012 19:56 GMT
Snow White & The Seven

Snow White & The Seven Cyber-Scams

It may be the-season-to-be-jolly, but unfortunately record-breaking numbers of on-line shoppers also mean that tTis The Season To Be e-frauded, with millions of people seemingly saving their carbon footprint by using a mouse instead of a car and with record numbers of scammers and cyber-crooks donning their white beards and cyber-santa outfits in an effort to ruin our retail therapy this credit crunch Christmas.
17/12/2011 13:58 GMT
Around The World In 80

Around The World In 80 Days

It might have taken Phileas Fogg 80 days to circumnavigate the globe in Jules Verne's famous novel, but my holiday sojourn was sadly somewhat shorter.
30/10/2011 11:28 GMT


With one Old Lag quoted in the press no-less as having said that "We're living in the age of the digital criminal and people are taking advantage of social media to access information about would-be victims", the only question that remains to be asked is Why-on-Earth do people still engage in this digital diarrhoea ?!
01/10/2011 18:41 BST
If It Pleases

If It Pleases M'Laud

Echoing my siren call of 5 weeks ago for our children not to post every detail of their lives on Twitbook and Facetwit (or should that be Facetwat ?! - see <em>Your Face or Mine</em>), this week the nation's judiciary have been issued with an updated <em>Guide to Judicial Conduct</em>, containing the do's-and-don'ts and netiquette of their on-line lives
26/09/2011 00:07 BST
Health Warning : The Internet Can Kill

Health Warning : The Internet Can Kill You

For now at least, I don't think that Call-Me-Dave will have MI5 on my tail but, if I ever did submit to the Cat o' Nine Tails, I'm sure there'd be plenty of internet 'pirates' in line who wouldn't pull-their-punches !!
17/09/2011 16:30 BST
Birds of a

Birds of a Feather

Much as though - I suppose - Twitter are to be congratulated on reaching the 100 Million user milestone last week, the news that carpet-baggers (sorry - hedge fund managers) are now using random samples of trending topics on Twitter to decide what to gamble on (sorry - invest in), brings 'dumbing-down' to a new, all-time low.
12/09/2011 09:52 BST
Two Portions of Valves & Chips

Two Portions of Valves & Chips Please

For a nation that 'invented' the Internet - and the Computer and the Television and the Telephone and, while we're at it, the Jet Engine - to read this week that Britain ranks somewhere close to Borat's beloved Kazakhstan at the bottom of the league-table for Broadband speed.
05/09/2011 00:03 BST
There's Gold in Them There

There's Gold in Them There Names

The battles that shall rage over the ownership of these domain extensions shall be epic - although I hear that Dot-Gaddafi will be coming soon to a Pound Store near you.
27/08/2011 09:01 BST
Your Face or

Your Face or Mine

Facebook... great isn't it? Post a few photos of London burning, share some stories of looting in Birmingham, enjoy a bit of inciting 'friends' to torch Glasgow and, Bingo - 4 years free-board-and-lodging <em>At Her Majesty's Pleasure </em>!!
21/08/2011 07:40 BST
Tweeting While Rome

Tweeting While Rome Burns

It wasn't so much Nero that was the problem this week - although the Police could certainly be accused of fiddling while 'Rome' burned.
13/08/2011 14:40 BST
YouTube If You Want

YouTube If You Want To

This week, not one but two body-blows were dealt to the UK's proud tradition of nurturing a creative and omnipresent seam that stretches from Shakespeare to Adele.
06/08/2011 11:30 BST