John Lucas

Writer, Critic and Libertine

John Lucas lives in London. His writing has appeared in The Guardian, GQ and Vice Magazine, among other titles. His fiction has been published in various literary journals. He is currently writing a novel. For more, visit his website

Should a First-Time Literary Novelist Self-Publish on Amazon?

Times are changing. Self-publishing is no longer 'vanity publishing' - a vaguely embarrassing exercise in assuaging one's writerly ambitions by paying large sums of money for a small run of leather-bound copies of a book - but a very real and increasingly credible alternative to mainstream publishing.
22/07/2014 14:09 BST

Made in Britain by Gavin James Bower

The riots that raged through the UK earlier this year and the more recent anti-capitalism demonstration at St. Paul's Cathedral have revealed the prescience of Gavin James Bower's second novel, <em>Made in Britain</em>, injecting the book's marketing campaign with a degree of focus it might otherwise have lacked.
04/11/2011 12:37 GMT