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John Reynolds

Undergraduate student at the University of Liverpool

I'm 18 and a student studying History with Politics at the University of Liverpool. I write about a range of political issues and debates on here, interview politicians and public figures for my own blog ( and write film reviews for Liverpool's online student magazine, The Sphinx (

Anti-Gay Marriage, Anti-Abortion: PM Rees-Mogg Would BE A Disaster

So, to conclude: if Rees Mogg became Prime Minister then the Conservatives and Labour would become even more polarised than they currently are, offering the electorate an even greater choice between the parties. However, it would be a complete disaster for people who support equality and a fairer society for all. Is it likely to happen? Probably not. But you never know. So continue to spread love and stand up for what is right.
07/09/2017 13:03 BST

How Frustrated Young People Can Become Involved With Politics

At the EU referendum, around 75% of 18-24 year-olds voted to remain in the EU, and possibly even a higher number of 16-17 year olds would have too. Why are we not getting our voices heard? More young people should become involved, which would force the politicians to consider our views when making decisions.
27/06/2016 15:48 BST

Is It Time to Scrap the Monarchy?

The monarch may seem to make Britain appear different to other countries, but is it time to change this system and have a democratically elected head of state? Many people in Britain aspire to become the head of state and none of them will ever achieve their dream.
28/01/2016 12:16 GMT

He Blew Our Minds: A David Bowie Tribute

As a 16 year old, David Bowie is someone who has taught young people (including myself) not to follow the crowd and to simply live your life as you want to. Don't have any boundaries or barriers. Don't let other people judge you or let them tell you how you should live your life.
16/01/2016 00:05 GMT

Getting More Young People Into Politics

Politicians make decisions that affect them every day, and keeping up with them will give us a better understanding of our country and the world, and how we can make it a better place in the future. One way that we can achieve this is if more young people became columnists and expressed their views!
10/12/2015 15:32 GMT