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The Demonisation Of Uber - Just Another Brexit Tale

That monument to British nationalism, Brexit, has just claimed its latest victim in the shape of Uber - not the company but its drivers, thousands of whom in London are now suddenly faced with the challenge of securing alternative employment in the most expensive city in Europe.
24/09/2017 20:25 BST

White Supremacy Is As American As Apple Pie

When the President of the United States counts among his key advisers an icon of the alt-right movement in Steve Bannon, a man who while editor of the far right website Breitbart published material that verily dripped in bigotry, you know that white supremacy not only continues to survive in America in 2017, it thrives.
15/08/2017 14:46 BST

Christopher Nolan's 'Dunkirk' And Brexit Or Bust

If Dunkirk and the Second World War proves anything it is that European disintegration and nationalism is a disaster waiting to happen, one in which the working class is guaranteed to suffer disproportionately.
27/07/2017 12:57 BST

BBC Salaries And The Normalisation Of Greed In Our Time

It is beyond clear by now that the BBC, to coin an overused phrase, is no longer fit for purpose. It is no longer a public broadcaster whose content is representative of society, but instead a repository of the very elitism, greed, and inequality that is suffocating us all.
20/07/2017 08:48 BST

Fighting Extremism While Cosying Up To Saudi Arabia Is Hypocrisy

People have the right to go out and enjoy themselves without being slaughtered. It is a fundamental right that unites people in London, Moscow, Paris, and Damascus. Those who would seek to deny them this right are the enemy of humanity and must be regarded and treated accordingly.
05/06/2017 12:50 BST

Corbyn's Policy On Scotland May Cost Him

The Tory dismissal of Scotland's right to hold a second referendum on independence in the wake of Brexit has only confirmed that for them Scotland is just another region rather than a partner nation within the UK. Corbyn's support for the denial of this right is not only a U-turn on his previous position on Scotland, but also reveals the same myopic vision of a Union that remains engulfed in a constitutional crisis of Westminster's own making.
18/05/2017 11:25 BST

Britain's Defence Secretary Michael Fallon Is A Nutcase

With this in mind, surely a political priority for any future government must be to close these institutions down and reduce them to rubble. Indeed, nothing less than the survival of future generations depends on it.
03/05/2017 12:54 BST

The Public Lynching Of Diane Abbott

Diane Abbott, just to remind folks, has never articulated her willingness to launch nuclear missiles, sanctioned a benefit claimant, attacked migrants, condemned people to the mercy of foodbanks, homeless shelters, or helped create the dystopia that passes for society in Brexit Britain. Yet, regardless, a media baying for blood has invited us to agree that she is evil personified...
03/05/2017 12:09 BST

Brexit Is A Crime Against Future Generations

We have borne witness to betrayal, capitulation, and opportunism in equal measure. Indeed, as we get read to be dragged off the edge of this Brexit cliff, it is hard to gainsay the sage words of Scotland's national bard Rabbie Burns when arriving at a proper rendering of Britain's Brexiteers.
30/03/2017 16:21 BST

Let Scotland Be A Beacon Of Hope Amid The Darkness Of Brexit

The indisputable future impact of Brexit on the Scottish economy - on investment, jobs, and on Scottish society - cannot simply be wished away in obeisance to an EU referendum result that has only succeeded in kicking over a constitutional hornet's nest.
13/03/2017 17:07 GMT

Jeremy Corbyn May Limp On, But It's Already Over

The main drivers behind Brexit are not democracy and sovereignty but xenophobia and bigotry. As such, no self-respecting Labour leader should be doing anything other than resisting it with all his muscle and mind. How dare Jeremy Corbyn proclaim that we should respect this tawdry and squalid referendum result.
27/02/2017 09:02 GMT

Nigel Farage v Brendan Cox - A Christmas Morality Tale

Nigel Farage represents all that is indecent in our politics and society, while Brendan Cox represents all that is decent. Sadly, as 2016 draws to a close it is Farage's Britain more than Brendan Cox's that find ourselves living in.
25/12/2016 22:17 GMT

The Murder Of Jo Cox Did Not Take Place In A Political Vacuum

While Mair acted alone he was undoubtedly buoyed in carrying out his crime by the climate of bigotry and hatred of 'the other' created by peddlers of the politics of division and scapegoating in the context of a campaign on Britain's membership of the EU that shamed our democracy.
24/11/2016 17:22 GMT