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John Worne

Director of Strategy, the British Council

John Worne is Director of Strategy at the British Council – the UK’s international cultural relations body. The organisation works in more than 100 countries worldwide, building trust and opportunity for the UK through education, the English language and the arts.
World Class: UK Higher

World Class: UK Higher Education

UK universities reach more international students, in more countries than anyone else's: thanks to our culture of widening access and our rich history of distance learning, the UK's 131 universities reach pretty much every country in the world - that's more than 600,000 students worldwide who are studying for UK Higher Education qualifications.
15/07/2015 15:47 BST
Speaking in Tongues - Thinking Differently on Language

Speaking in Tongues - Thinking Differently on Language Learning

Apparently at the height of Victorian optimism, the Royal Geographic Society announced victory in the field of all learning, with the invention of the 'lantern slide' a whacking great projector with a candle behind it which would captivate all future generations of learners. An early version of 'death by powerpoint'.
17/03/2015 14:48 GMT
Science in Northern Ireland is World

Science in Northern Ireland is World Class

Science matters to the UK and, to quote the poster campaign, UK 'Science is GREAT'. We are second in the world (only behind the USA) when ranked by Nobel prizes and the UK leads the G8 biggest economies in field-weighted citation impact - this time having overtaken the Americans.
06/03/2015 16:57 GMT
Eighty Moments That Shaped the

Eighty Moments That Shaped the World

Eighty years is within a single lifetime of today - but for many it will feel a long time ago. The pace and scale of change in science and technology, international relations, arts and culture - and the way societies work and people live - must seem vast through the eyes of a those who have lived through them.
25/11/2014 17:30 GMT
Chinese: Can't Swim, Won't

Chinese: Can't Swim, Won't Swim

When it comes to languages we're like a nation of committed non-swimmers faced with a swimming pool - no appetite for diving in and no idea of the benefits and joys of taking the plunge.
12/10/2014 19:38 BST
Skills for Life? The World's Your

Skills for Life? The World's Your Oyster

Looks like everyone stands to be a winner - young people from across the UK want international skills, employers want to hire them and a short investment in time overseas can pay back for an entire life-time. But it isn't happening. Why?
05/10/2014 23:18 BST
Kids, Eat Your Verts - Languages Are Good For

Kids, Eat Your Verts - Languages Are Good For You

When it comes to language learning, I start this new school term like all those other parents sending their kids to a new school: a little anxious, a little excited, and hopeful for a brighter linguistic future.
03/09/2014 12:31 BST
Culture Is a Contact

Culture Is a Contact Sport

Sport is one of the universal languages which connect people and cultures... Sport is primal, basic, essential and everywhere... Sport and great sporting events are a massive draw. But the best of all is when sport is shared alongside culture. And here Glasgow excelled.
06/08/2014 16:56 BST
Whatever the Weather, Culture's Our Biggest

Whatever the Weather, Culture's Our Biggest Draw

There's plenty to be proud of when it comes to UK culture and our national image. And that's important as it attracts people from around the world to visit, study here and do business with us. The world may (wrongly this week) think that our weather's terrible - but the sun never sets on UK culture, and it shines all around the world.
29/07/2014 08:11 BST
Shakespeare: A Hit, A Very Palpable

Shakespeare: A Hit, A Very Palpable Hit

There's the one thing that underpins all of this - as Hamlet said, 'the play's the thing'. The reason Shakespeare's words are our words, and his works are our children's school work, is the substance. Content is king.
27/04/2014 15:15 BST
WWI - Remember the World as Well as the

WWI - Remember the World as Well as the War

Just like the courtesy of learning a few words of the language, for someone from the UK travelling to countries with different memories of WWI than ours, learning a little more about the scale and legacy of this truly global conflict can be invaluable in effectively navigating and building relationships of trust.
11/02/2014 08:11 GMT
The Languages for the UK's

The Languages for the UK's Future

It's a toughie. Famously tongue-tied in foreign languages, and notwithstanding the 200+ languages widely spoken in London and Manchester alone, the fact is the UK needs more people speaking more languages.
20/11/2013 18:16 GMT
Good News: Tokyo Just Got

Good News: Tokyo Just Got Closer

Which two cities are more connected than you'd think? London and Paris or New York? Nope, the surprise winner when you look at Loughborough University's impressively-named Information-rich Visualisation of Dense Geographical Networks figure 1c is... London and Tokyo.
11/11/2013 12:24 GMT
Jiàoyù , Jiàoyù,

Jiàoyù , Jiàoyù, Jiàoyù

We have a booming export industry which is taking China by storm and returning billions to the UK economy. Fashion? Cars? Films? TV? All growing nicely, yes, but not the winner.. .In fact it's Education, Education, Education, as Chinese-speaking readers will have already deciphered in the title.
15/10/2013 17:26 BST
London, Paris, New York: Some Things You Just Can't

London, Paris, New York: Some Things You Just Can't Bottle

This week I was a panellist at the launch event for the inaugural Ipsos MORI Top Cities survey - a worldwide poll that crowned London as the most popular city in Europe, but forced us to tip our bowler hats to New York as the global winner. But in amongst the data were a few fascinating phenomena...
05/09/2013 17:32 BST
Please 'Elp Me, I Am

Please 'Elp Me, I Am Briteesh...

The UK's lack of foreign language skills has become almost a cliché. But that doesn't make it a laughing matter. If we don't have the skills to get by for a few days in the sun, what hope do we have when it comes to the serious business of international trade?
14/08/2013 09:21 BST
London 2012 - One Year

London 2012 - One Year On...

It's a bit 'last year' in 2013 to talk up 2012 but, as we approach the first anniversary of the London Olympics, there's good evidence that 2012 has changed what the world thinks about us.
21/07/2013 21:22 BST
Why Soft Power Is Hard for

Why Soft Power Is Hard for Governments

Sharing culture is hard when you can't entertain another point of view, tough when you have to stick to your line, and impossible when what you say can immediately be turned into a headline and used as a stick to beat you. This is the lot of modern governments.
18/06/2013 17:00 BST
If Young Scientists Ruled The

If Young Scientists Ruled The World...

If young scientists ruled the world, it might be a better place - but then there'd be no-one to do science. FameLab brings us the best of both: young scientists advancing the sum of human knowledge and learning to share it with us all - from world politician to ordinary punter.
11/06/2013 17:33 BST
UK Culture Means

UK Culture Means Business

But in these austere times she also asked for better evidence of the value of culture. In short, her point was that if we want UK Government to continue investing in culture - as public spending gets the squeeze - we in the cultural industries need to demonstrate a return on that investment
21/05/2013 06:55 BST