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John Worrall

Chief Marketing Officer, CyberArk

John Worrall is the Chief Marketing Officer at CyberArk. He is responsible for the company’s global marketing efforts including product marketing, branding, corporate communications and all lead generation activities including the inbound, channels and field marketing. He brings over fifteen years of global information security business management, marketing and product management experience to the team.

Prior to joining CyberArk , Worrall was the Executive Vice President for CounterTack, a venture-backed company providing advanced threat detection solutions to large enterprise and government organisations. In addition to CounterTack, he spent two years as the Vice President and General Manager of RSA’s security intelligence business. Worrall was also the Senior Vice President of Marketing, leading RSA Security global marketing efforts for more than four years.

Worrall holds a B.A. in Economics from St. Lawrence University.

Why Phishing Is Only The Beginning Of A Cyber Attack

Of course it is always better to keep an attacker outside of your network if you can. But, recognising the difficulty of that, many companies today operate as if a breach has already (or will) occurred.
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How To Protect Yourself From The Other Insider Threat

Honest insiders also are targeted by malicious outsiders through using social engineering. E-mail phishing (and spear-phishing to target high-value individuals) is one of the most common types of social engineering, but examples range from simple phone calls to carefully crafted Web sites hosting malicious content.
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