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How To Get Through The Festive Period

How To Get Through The Festive Period Positively!

Whatever we give our attention to, and therefore focus on, it grows. If you are dwelling in misery and fear, you'll be consumed in it. Start looking for the one thing which makes you smile. Even if it is just the thought of welcoming in 2017, and a new much needed fresh start.
21/12/2016 11:19 GMT
Don't Give Up on

Don't Give Up on Love!

Don't ever give up on love. One thing I believe to be true is that, life is ALWAYS conspiring on our behalf, and I have absolutely no regrets in any of it, no matter how hard it got (and boy did it get hard!!). Keep the faith, keep looking ahead and allow your heart to soften, and your dreams to blossom. Don't let life toughen you too much, often when there is a heartbreak it can be a blessing in disguise to allow an even better match in to your life.
14/08/2016 23:30 BST
Five Steps to Brighton Your

Five Steps to Brighton Your Day!

Do you ever feel like it's groundhog day? i.e. you are doing the same old thing each and every day?!... Here are five easy steps to help you change things around a little...
26/02/2016 15:54 GMT
Post Brits

Post Brits Blues

I was for the first time, in attendance at one of the spectacular dashing Brits After Parties, dancing the night away, alongside many of the celebrities (it was a first for me, I'm usually tucked up in bed, watching the Brits on TV), but not this year!....
04/03/2015 14:40 GMT
Feeling a Bit Fed Up? Try

Feeling a Bit Fed Up? Try This...

Well our British summer now appears to be over, and Autumn is on it's way. It doesn't mean we have to let it get us down though!
18/08/2014 14:28 BST
Take Your Power Back and Listen to Your

Take Your Power Back and Listen to Your Intuition

How often do we go through our days feeling as though the whole world is against us? It can sometimes just take one minor incident to take us off track and we allow our entire day to go into a negative spiral at times. Remember, only YOU have the power to change YOUR life.
24/05/2013 17:26 BST