Jolyon Rubinstein

Co-writer and performer of The Revolution Will Be Televised on BBC3

The face and razor sharp wit of the viral video ‘ Can I Be Your Friend?’. Created for the ENO production of ‘Two Boys’, the viral peaked at no 2 in the UK for over 7 days and was 5th globally. It reached 1,000,000 views in less than two weeks and is now the highest viewed video ever for an arts organisation and continues to be shared. In 2012 Jolyon and his long term collaborator Heydon Prowse were seen in 'The Revolution Will Be Televised', a new series for Hat Trick Productions which turns the spotlight on politicians, self-obsessed narcissistic celebrities and bonus-guzzling bankers. He and Heydon brought their unique brand of humour, established with 'Don’t Panic Online' owner and journalist Joe Wade, to a broader TV audience. The show, described as 'Trigger Happy TV meets Newsnight', is broadcast on BBC3 to rave reviews.