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Jonathan A.J. Wilson


Jonathan A.J. Wilson is a Professor & Brand Consultant of the ABCDs of Business: Advertising, Branding, Culture, and Digital. He has mad Love for: ★Manga★Matcha★Maguro★Kendo★Coffee★Rugby★Rendang★Guitars★HipHop★Halal★

Celebs Are Going Wild for this Chic Anti-Paparazzi Scarf

Inventor and entrepreneur Saif Siddiqui is the brains and founder of The ISHU - a new fashion brand, whose first product is a scarf that allows the wearer to disrupt flash photography. It's also about to appear on the shelves of Harrods.
15/02/2016 10:53 GMT

The Psychology of Globalization - Explained by Cultural DNA

If you're a traveller looking for something that takes a richer and more longitudinal approach; a business person or civil servant looking for insight beyond the usual Dos, Don'ts, honorifics, platitudes and rituals; a student of the humanities and social sciences wanting something more grounded in the world today; or a seasoned dinner party socialite and pub quiz pro looking for a global Zeitgeist to boost your social capital - then this is definitely the book for you. There's plenty to learn, it sinks in easily, and this is the sort of book that you'll find yourself marking-up and folding page corners on.
15/06/2015 10:48 BST

Are Ninjabis the New Punk-Rockers?

t's interesting to see the rise in male and female journalists indulging in burka cosplay as part of investigative journalism, which brings a new meaning to the term undercover journalism. At the risk of being accused of paralipsis, I don't want to enter the currently framed niqab debates fully - one key reason being that I believe males should tread carefully when commenting on female issues. But I do want to use the niqab to open up discussions that consider a wider phenomenon, which is driving the quest for cultural authenticity.
21/11/2013 14:46 GMT

The Bandwagon Effect Is Harming Race Relations

Conversations are now elevated and scrutinized in an amphitheatre of social media. There are those that spectate, speculate, and jump on the bandwagon - whether that's with good intentions, or to kill the show. The Internet means that people don't forget words, and events are recorded forever at the end of a web search. Over time, the moment, context and goodwill crumbles away...
21/10/2013 12:49 BST

Little Islam, Muslim Town, Halal Boulevard, and Arab Spring Sales - in a city near you

I'm preparing for a series of forthcoming events on Muslim majority and minority economies and to freshen up those integration debates - by proposing a new approach for Muslims. This is following the 'China Town' model of creating clearly marked and branded areas open for business and cultural exchanges fit for a non-native majority...
14/10/2013 11:27 BST