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Jonathan Bird

Star Trek fan, wants more dogs

CEO of Delivered Social and Warehouse Dating. Star Trek mega fan.

11 Tips to Get Yourself Ready for Summer Lovin'

Take off your winter coats and get swimsuit season ready! Summer is only around the corner! In fact, the first day of summer is June 21st which doesn't give you long to prep yourself ready for those perfect summer dates.
25/04/2016 14:25 BST

Fabulous First Dates - 11 Dates Ideas to Do This Summer

It's time to soak up the sun with your potential lover and to see if things between you both can progress; whether your first date is sipping on cocktails, a loving walk by the beach or having the time of your life at the amusement park. Here are 11 great first date ideas to consider.
13/04/2016 12:41 BST

The Big Geek Debate: Ten Reasons Why 'Star Trek' Is Better Than 'Star Wars'

With the imminent arrival of the new <em>Star Wars Episode VII: Force Awakens</em> in December and confirmation that <em>Star Trek Beyond</em> filming has just finished, the 30 year old debate 'which is better <em>Star Trek</em> or <em>Star Wars</em>?' has yet again been reignited. Being a Trekkie myself I thought it only appropriate that I share my reasons as to why <em>Star Trek</em> is indeed better!
23/10/2015 17:33 BST

Call of Duty Players Could Be Good for Your Dating Life

While many of you may be busy checking out the hot jock or bad boy across the way, you're making a huge mistake overlooking the nerdy yet handsome, bookworm and gamer guy! Being an avid Xbox gamer myself, I felt that it was important to showcase the reasons why finding yourself a gamer is a MUST!
23/10/2015 12:44 BST

Star Trek Moments That Left the Fans Wanting More Space Adventures

Star Trek is a phenomenon. One of the greatest TV shows and movie franchises and the brain child of Gene Roddenberry follows a team of intrepid explorers across the galaxy seeking out new worlds and new civilisations boldly going when no franchise has gone before.
20/10/2015 15:29 BST