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Jonathan Douglas

Director of the National Literacy Trust

Jonathan Douglas is Director of the National Literacy Trust, an independent charity dedicated to raising literacy levels in the UK. The National Literacy Trust helps children and families from the UK’s most deprived communities develop the reading, writing, speaking and listening skills they need to live happy and successful lives.

How Do We Solve England's Literacy Crisis? One Community At A Time

We have brought together resources from community, business, education, local authority and charity partners to help identify where the most serious literacy issues lie and develop targeted strategies to reach the children and families most in need of support.
08/02/2017 17:14 GMT

Give A Diary This Christmas And Inspire A Child To Write

With Christmas around the corner, we're encouraging parents, families and anyone buying a gift for a child or young person to give the gift of a diary. You'll be giving them a platform to express themselves and the tools to become a better writer, which will help them now and long in to the future. And you never know - your child might just produce the next <em>Diary of a Wimpy Kid</em>!
11/12/2016 21:42 GMT

An International Comparison Of How Well Children Read Shows We Still Have A Long Way To Go

We face a huge literacy challenge in England which is preventing many of our children and young people from being able to thrive and lead successful lives. Gender, socio-economic background and where children live are all at the heart of our literacy challenge. Boys in England are nearly twice as likely as girls to fall behind in early language and communication; and children at all ages from the lowest income groups are likely to be less literate than their counterparts from higher income groups.
09/12/2016 16:11 GMT

We Can All Help Children Unlock The Joys Of Writing

So, why does this matter? We know that children who enjoy writing and who write frequently outside the classroom do better at school. Our research showed that children and young people who enjoy writing very much were seven times more likely to write above the expected level for their age, compared with those who do not enjoy writing at all
11/11/2016 13:06 GMT