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Jonathan Hewett

CMO, Octo Telematics

Responsible for strategy and marketing at Octo Telematics the global leader in software, data and analytics for the insurance and connected car markets.

Founded in 2002, Octo is one of the pioneers of the insurance telematics industry. Today, Octo is the largest and most experienced insurance telematics company in the world, transforming auto insurance through behavioral, contextual and driving analytics.

Blocks In The Road To The Sharing Economy

A massive 46% of respondents said they would be encouraged to lend their car if the car and driver are insured separately and if in the event of an accident, the owner of the car is able to claim against the driver's insurance. A further 34% would like to track and attribute damage, and 32% would like to be able to track the location of the car whilst it is being hired.
22/05/2017 15:02 BST

Usership Or Ownership: Would You Rent Your Car To A Neighbour?

The sharing economy is not a new concept when it comes to vehicles. Uber is now the biggest taxi company in the world, yet it doesn't own any cars. Zip Car has gone from start-up car sharing platforms to firmly established and recognised businesses.
01/02/2017 17:29 GMT

How Tech Will End The Great Whiplash Fraud

Today, telematics technology built into cars on the manufacturing floor provides crash reconstruction dossiers that can show, with a forensic level of detail, where the car has been damaged, as well as the speed and angle of impact.
20/12/2016 14:20 GMT

Driverless Cars And The Insurance Long Parallel

Automotive technology has developed rapidly in recent years, with new levels of autonomy from lane departure warning systems and autonomous emergency braking (AEB) to active cruise control and automated parking increasingly appearing as standard in vehicles on the forecourt.
03/11/2016 10:33 GMT