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Josephine A Boyce

Aspiring novelist and screenwriter living in London

Josephine Boyce is an aspiring novelist and screenwriter. She gave up working full time two years ago to focus on her writing and now works part-time in London. She's currently working on a YA novel and is developing her first stage play.

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Fed Up With Fad Diets

My best friend once wisely said to me that it is a celebrity's job to look good and if they get caught looking awful then it's the equivalent to one of us normal folk having a bad day in the office. Now, her point that it's their job to look good is an important one...
17/09/2013 14:53 BST

The Truth About Being a Writer

Coming out as a writer can be one of the most terrifying confessions you will ever have to make. And, when I say writer, I mean a novelist, of course.
08/08/2013 17:32 BST

Boarding School Isn't as Awful as Hollywood Would Have You Believe

Often, you'll see evil parents in films threatening their naughty children with boarding school, like it's the ultimate punishment. Well, that's just a load of nonsense. When I was eight years old I went to boarding school. A lot of people will automatically think 'how awful' - it wasn't. As the youngest of four I knew boarding school was going to be on the cards one day.
08/08/2013 14:13 BST

Sensitive Skin Solutions

When your toiletries budget is small you can't go around experimenting with different brands. Dear, delicate skinned lovelies, I have put my dramatically over-reactive skin to the test and can now share with you the results of my endeavors.
03/06/2013 12:22 BST

Having Fun on the Cheap

Tonight, instead of crawling home towards our sofas, the comfort of TV and endless calories, the hankering for alcohol begins. Unfortunately for those of us with limited funds it means that fun is pretty much off limits. I've come up with some budget friendly solutions to having a good time.
22/05/2013 14:52 BST

Bye Bye Gym Membership

Who were my thighs kidding? I haven't been inside my gym's hallowed walls in... 18... no, maybe 30 months... Some gyms just do not want you to leave, as soon as you try to cancel they look you up and down with judgement in their eyes and tell you all the reasons you should stay.
16/05/2013 13:08 BST

Living in London on a Budget

It's difficult enough to manipulate your other half into wanting to live with you but discovering you can barely afford to move in together makes it nearly impossible. When I say 'barely afford' I mean our combined income is pretty close to that of a graduates.
15/05/2013 12:24 BST