Josh Marshall

Producer & Presenter

Josh Marshall is a media producer & presenter who studied as a Journalist before realising hard news was a little too serious for a 6"4 joke cracker.

Most recently Josh has been travelling the world on a shoestring budget creating the travel show 'Glimpsed' - Whether it's shooting with the NRA, Living in a Teepee with Native American Indians, Bullriding in the rodeo or dancing the Flamenco in spain, Josh uses his unique brand of irreverent British charm to teach you about the incredible world we live in.

He's also done some other cool stuff, like present Local TV on SKY, appear on FOX News, produce series 2 of the 401 show and present the Ourplot show. You can check out all that on

In his spare time Josh plays the piano badly and videogame Eve Online very well. He'd like to swap the two.