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Joy Hibbins

Founder and CEO of Suicide Crisis, a charity which runs a Suicide Crisis Centre

Joy is the Founder and CEO of Suicide Crisis, a registered charity which runs a Suicide Crisis Centre. Her life was changed by a traumatic experience in 2012. She developed symptoms of PTSD, and within days was at the point of suicide. She was referred to the NHS crisis team and was eventually admitted to psychiatric hospital. Her experience of mental health services showed her that there was a need for an alternative type of care for people in crisis. The Suicide Crisis Centre opened in 2013, providing face to face support to people in Gloucestershire who are at risk of suicide. The charity also runs a Trauma Centre, which focuses on early intervention. In the past year, representatives from the charity have given oral evidence to the Health Select Committee about the Suicide Crisis Centre and how it operates. They have also given a presentation about their work to the national advisory group which is chaired by the Government's adviser on suicide. Joy was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 2015. One of the psychiatrists who assessed her felt that the traumatic experience in 2012 may have "uncovered" it.

When Someone You Know Is At Risk Of Suicide: Overcoming The Fear Of Helping

Sometimes family members are afraid to ask their loved one directly if they are feeling suicidal. "I thought it best not to," one woman told me. It's so important that we do ask the question "Are you feeling suicidal?" It will not put the idea into someone's head. It will allow them the opportunity to disclose their risk.
10/09/2017 08:17 BST

Suicide And Carers: Caring For The One You Love Is A Privilege And A Joy, But It Can Push You To The Point Of Crisis

Having been a carer, and having experienced such a deterioration of my own mental health, I can say without reservation that it was not the caring role which made me so ill. It was that I did it without support. I had no idea that continuing to care alone would have had such an effect on my health. Like the man who died, I had had no serious mental illness previously.
16/08/2017 16:22 BST

Suicide: We Can All Help Save The Life Of A Stranger

When I did a suicide intervention skills training course in 2013, the trainer told us that evidence showed that when a person was obviously at the point of suicide at a local "hotspot", the majority of people drove by without stopping. They may be unsure how to help, or they fear saying or doing "the wrong thing".
12/06/2017 17:17 BST

Mental Health Services Are Failing People With Personality Disorders

In our county there is no specialist personality disorders service, despite NICE guidelines stating that mental health trusts should develop such services. Plans for a specialist PD service were disbanded last year after a decision was made to divert the money to a different department instead. Our clients were devastated at this news and felt it reflected a lack of prioritisation of their needs.
08/01/2017 21:16 GMT

What It's Like To Work At A Suicide Crisis Centre Over Christmas

<img alt="giving back.jpg" src="" width="300" height="35" /> Although Christmas is predominantly a time of sadness for me, because it is for so many of our clients, it is still a time of hope. I believe that all our clients can survive, and indeed they all have so far. At our Suicide Crisis Centre, we care for them and do all we can to support them through this particularly dark time. It's a privilege to be able to do so.
16/12/2016 16:29 GMT

Men And Suicide: What They Are Telling Us About The Kind Of Care They Want

<img alt="bmm banner.jpg" src="" width="300" height="35" /> In looking at the setting up of other Suicide Crisis Centres, the Select Committee may recommend that the GP becomes a central part of the care within them. I hope they think very carefully about the consequences, if they do decide to recommend this.
27/11/2016 21:26 GMT

When The Only Way To Access Psychiatric Help Is In Prison

It was extremely upsetting to see him in court, but I also felt relief at seeing him alive. Indeed, when we first heard that he had been arrested and was in custody, both his mum and I thought "at least he is safe now".
07/11/2016 17:21 GMT

Are Our Psychiatric Hospitals Safe Enough? Suicide And Absconding Among Inpatients

We often feel relief when someone we care about is admitted to psychiatric hospital at a time when they are at risk of suicide. We assume that they are safe there. This is not always the case, and sometimes patients do die by suicide while they are inpatients in psychiatric units. These are catastrophic events. Such deaths devastate families and are almost always avoidable.
18/10/2016 12:15 BST