Joy Muhammad

The Joy of being Angry

Ticking every minority box and still counting...
Fat And

Fat And Flattered

Everyday it's the same. I go to the bathroom, check my flab in the full length mirror and hit the scales, applauding the meagre pound or two I've shed only to build it up with calories from an uncontrolled diet. It's a cycle that's enough to make a fitness guru cry in their chicken breast salad. For me it's a procedure of mixed blessings.
13/03/2017 14:26 GMT
No, We Don't Fancy All The

No, We Don't Fancy All The Ladies

I am bisexual. That means I like individuals of the same gender and other. It does not mean I am into threesomes or anthills of orgies. Not all of us like to share. We can still use the same restroom, I have no interest in breaking down cubicle doors nor getting turned on to the sounds of a woman grunting while she takes a dump.
19/12/2016 14:41 GMT