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Julia de Cadenet

Lawyer, CEO World Protection for Dogs and Cats in the Meat Trade

Julia de Cadenet, founder of the charity World Protection for Dogs and Cats in the Meat Trade drives forward the ‘NoToDogMeat’ campaign. Animal advocacy is a departure from her training as a barrister, but her two lovely Samoyeds Anastasia and Anapache very much appreciate it.

Yulin Dog Meat Torture Festival Will Go Ahead Despite Celebrity Pleas

Leading campaign group NoToDogMeat have been actively trying to stop the horror of this summer's solstice of greed and barbarism. For a moment it looked like we were about to meet with success as it was hinted that it was to be banned this year. However it has already started.
19/06/2015 22:49 BST

Diplomacy Is Key in Animal Welfare

Without animal welfare laws in place the situation is still extremely uncertain for rescuers and the animals alike. Cats are officially not classed as food in China which means they should not be subject to any seizure and quarantine inspections. The constant uphill task which we will all continue to approach diplomatically is how to explain this.
28/04/2015 09:57 BST

Hollywood Arrives at the UK's House of Commons

It is now time for Parliamentarians to start backing more education in animal welfare in the school curriculum at home and abroad. Ignorance does no favours for companion animals or vulnerable people especially as there is now a proven link between animal and human cruelty.
28/01/2015 11:49 GMT

Tradition or Travesty: China's Yulin Dog Meat Festival - I Say 'NoToDogMeat'

As a dog lover I cannot imagine anything worse than my best friend used for food - and the thought of her being beaten, hung, skinned, blowtorched or even boiled alive leaves me frozen and distressed. Imagine then an entire festival devoted to eating dog as part of a trade where such methods are commonplace. This is not a myth created to shock - it's a fact.
20/06/2014 09:04 BST