Julian Kossoff

Award-winning editor and journalist

As a writer he specialised in issues of race, religion and ethnicity, the inner city and social affairs, Israel-Palestine and 20th century history. Recognised as authoritative, bold and iconoclastic, his ability to break media stereotypes helped him to scoop prestigious press awards from the former Commission for Racial Equality and Institute for the Study of Drug Development (now Drugscope).

As a Senior Editor at Telegraph.co.uk, a role that put him at the forefront on the 21st century revolution in web journalism, he led its growth to become one of the UK's pre-eminent news websites, helming web coverage of numerous blockbuster events including the MPs' expenses affair, the Arab Spring and the Japanese earthquake. He also wrote an influential blog narrating the contemporary Jewish diaspora experience and stimulated heated debate by challenging the orthodoxies of Zionism and anti-Zionism.

His career in the media began as a reporter at the Jewish Chronicle before roles as a campaigning News Editor at Time Out magazine and as a Fleet Street journalist. A long held interest in international affairs saw him move into the fast-paced arena of TV news working for six years as a News Editor and Senior Producer for the world's largest news agency, Associated Press Television News (APTN).
He remains a dedicated anti-fascist and anti-racist and holds fast to his long-held dream to make a scintilla of difference.
UBS And The Rogue Banking

UBS And The Rogue Banking System

There is stiff competition for the title of the world's worst bank but the Swiss shambles, UBS, must now have pushed aside the financial catastrophes that are Bank of America, Royal Bank of Scotland, HBOS and CitiBank, to sit atop the whole stinking heap.
16/09/2011 09:36 BST
I Marched With the English Defence League (but not in Tower

I Marched With the English Defence League (but not in Tower Hamlets)

To the English Defence League leader Tommy Robinson and all the lads and lasses who came to London to make anti-Muslim mayhem on Saturday, it is my duty to inform that you never put a foot in Tower Hamlets - the borough with the highest percentage of Muslims in Britain.
05/09/2011 08:46 BST
After the Humiliation of Rupert Murdoch, Comeuppance for Goldman

After the Humiliation of Rupert Murdoch, Comeuppance for Goldman Sachs?

This summer's humbling of Rupert Murdoch has warmed the cockle of many a liberal heart. Not since the fall of the Berlin Wall or the first few euphoric weeks after New Labour's election could they pick up a newspaper/switch on their computer with such a sense of excited anticipation at the latest 'Hackgate' revelations.
27/08/2011 09:42 BST
Terrorist Attacks on Israel: The Ghost at the

Terrorist Attacks on Israel: The Ghost at the Feast

As families throughout the Jewish world sat down for their customary Sabbath dinner on Friday night the conversation for many will have turned to the mini-terror onslaught directed against southern Israel in recent days.
19/08/2011 22:33 BST
Israel's Housing Protests: A Black Swan

Israel's Housing Protests: A Black Swan Event?

Netanyahu's brutish political fighting stance has always been about smothering the peace process, bamboozling the international community and low blows when it comes to settlement expansion. However, this unprecedented domestic crisis could prove to be the knock-out punch he never saw coming.
31/07/2011 13:13 BST
Rupert Murdoch, News Corp and the War of the

Rupert Murdoch, News Corp and the War of the Worlds

Somewhere in a not so far off galaxy called Murdoch the final battle has commenced. The Death Star - emblazoned with the huge but now flickering News Corp insignia - is under sustained attack from the rebel alliance. Huge plumes of flames erupt (bonfires of the vanities, surely) from the crippled leviathan as missiles of truth pierce its thick hull built from a composite of money, power, corruption and arrogance, once thought indestructible.
18/07/2011 18:33 BST
Israel, The Arab Spring and the Map of

Israel, The Arab Spring and the Map of Despair

Thirty four years after Egypt's President Anwar Sadat's historic flight to Jerusalem 'the map' may have become ever more redundant but as a mind-set, for Israel and many of her supporters, it has stood the test of time.
13/07/2011 14:23 BST