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Julian Vigo

PhD, scholar, filmmaker, artist, dj, yogi, and activist

Julian Vigo is a scholar, filmmaker, artist, dj, yogi, and activist who works on public space and performance, disappeared bodies, cultural violence, and social hypertrophy. Having lived all over this planet, she has created work which is informed as much by the books she has read and the movies she has seen as the people with whom she has worked and dialogued. Julian Vigo is a specialist in contemporary ethnography, cultural studies, cinema, postcolonial theory, and media and gender studies. She has been a professor at universities across the world where she has taught anthropology, comparative literature, performance studies, cultural studies, critical theory, philosophy of science, postmodernism, and gender studies. Julian Vigo is currently finishing two manuscripts, one dealing with disappearance in the Americas (New York and Buenos Aires) and the other on "cultural violence" in which she examines the role of "violence" in the restructuring of urban space in Fez (Morocco) and studies the role of shahid (witness, martyr) in Palestine through actions of the suicide bomber and the definitions of her death and life, post-mortem. Her latest books are Performative Bodies, Hybrid Tongues: Race, Gender, and Modernity in Latin America and the Maghreb (2010) and Earthquake in Haiti: The Pornography of Poverty and the Politics of Development (2015).

The Ethics Of Creating Robots For Rape

Is the idea that because we <i>can</i> do it, it <i>should</i> be done?   Would the world be done away with racism or anti-semitism if robots were offered to the bigots of the planet to act out their aggressions upon this symbolic life force?  Why is it inevitably the female form which is deemed OK to violate, but never other categories of  bodies in the aim of "social repair".
27/07/2017 17:29 BST

Sex-For-Rent: Not A Scandal, Just A Rinse And Repeat

The larger question that we must ourselves as a society is why so many walk into our friend's second, third, or fourth home, gasping in awe and admiration. Why do we value that which hurts so many of our brothers and sisters? It is time for us to have a frank discussion about greed and exploitative economic practices.
24/04/2017 13:28 BST

Opportunities For Black Actors In British Cinema

It is high time that the British people, post-Brexit and all, openly discuss the growing xenophobia and racism within the country, to include the field of opportunities for foreign and black actors.
20/03/2017 15:41 GMT

On The Depoliticisation of Politics And The Undermining Of Dialogue

Ultimately the horror at hand is not that we disagree, but that we are training ourselves and younger generations to fear disagreement and the potential change that can and does occur when two or more parties discuss their contrasting views. The spirit of dialogue is desperately in need of resuscitation.
16/11/2016 11:01 GMT

Technopoly: Political And Cultural Abuses Of Technology

Postman asks that we consider technology not in terms of efficiency or speed, but rather as how it alters our social conceptions of learning, for instance, and how education is being reformulated because of technology. Postman asks if these technologies change how we perceive reality and how ideas and institutions are altered by technology such that our adoption of technology is undertaken unconsciously and seamlessly:
21/10/2016 14:34 BST

The Steady Extinction Of The Bee

Recently the US government announced that seven species of Hawaiian yellow-faced bees have been added to the endangered species list. This news should make us all stop dead in our tracks given that approximately 80% of all food crops in the US and the UK are pollinated by bees
14/10/2016 10:52 BST

The Invention Of Gender

My friend, Rhoda, thinks I ought to publish a book of my letters of complaint to various governments, institutions, and companies.  Lately I have begun to think she is right after years of having written my elected officials and heads of industry about everything from protesting the bombing of Tripoli in 1986 to complaining about the sexist trainer colours for women.
12/10/2016 16:36 BST