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Julie Elizabeth

Charity worker, designer, widow and happiness seeker

A personal blogging guidebook to the recently and not so recently bereaved.

Fair Weather

While engrossed in grief, the seasons sadly don't always represent their metaphorical meanings. Good weather does not always bring with it good times. Relationships that had remained strong and fulfilling in fair weather had turned to destructive depressions in grayer times.
06/08/2015 16:23 BST
Sunglasses Are My

Sunglasses Are My Saviour

During my three days of contemplation and dismay a cloud of consciousness floated in my window. Cuddling a cup of tea I realised that after months of living deliriously depressed and convinced of my lack of existence, I did in actual fact exist.
22/06/2015 17:37 BST
The Kissing Booth and the

The Kissing Booth and the Robot

A road and a pane of glass separated us but I still blushed and swayed in my chair as I tried to hide my noticeable swoon from my friend. A grin spread over my face that didn't depart for the remainder of the afternoon. I was smitten.
06/03/2015 14:21 GMT
A Cup of Tea and a Text

A Cup of Tea and a Text Message

Walking into a heavy silent house lit by golden waving glass shadows, one full cup of tea sat on the kitchen counter. It was the cup of tea he never finished when we rushed into hospital two days before. Stale, cold and miserable it had spent 48 hours unaware of its fate.
18/02/2015 15:32 GMT

A Letter

From the moment I was handed your death certificate, I have had to reluctantly crawl and claw my way back to what non spouse bereaved members of society would call 'normal' whilst crippled by nerves and anxiety, my physical and mental health continually hanging by a thread during a drunken haze of euphoric reflection.
09/02/2015 13:42 GMT