Julie Hurst

Personal Stylist & Fashion Writer

Julie is a personal stylist and the founder of Signature Style Consultancy. She is also the Fashion Editorial Assistant for luxury fashion e-commerce entrepreneur Carmen Busquets' official website http://carmenbusquets.com. Visit her dedicated website here: http://juliehurst.net
Summer Dressing: Style Nirvana Or Seasonal

Summer Dressing: Style Nirvana Or Seasonal Nightmare?

Claudia's comments may seem rather cutting, and while I have no wish to wave goodbye to any hope of hot weather myself, I do understand her reasoning style-wise. Why is it that as soon as the sun appears, many of us suddenly turn into completely different versions of ourselves?
23/05/2017 17:13 BST
Nailing Your Fashion

Nailing Your Fashion DNA

This 'between season' period of fashion limbo is the perfect time to work out who we are, sartorially speaking, so that we make sure we avoid those expensive mistakes we may have made in the past, both in terms of cost and style.
24/02/2015 15:54 GMT
The Skinny: Jeans With Staying

The Skinny: Jeans With Staying Power

For almost ten years now, skinny jeans have had a sartorial strangle hold on our wardrobes. Despite the fashion press declaring the style 'dead' on a regular basis, we continue to favour the skinny over all other styles. But given the fickle nature of fashion, why has this particular jean stood the test of time? What's the secret to its staying power?
24/11/2014 12:23 GMT
Is Blending in the New

Is Blending in the New Black?

"To be irreplaceable, one must always be different", said Coco Chanel. But with the current vogue for 'reality dressing' being played out on the streets and down the catwalks, it seems that it's 'indifference' which is the order of the day.
25/09/2014 12:47 BST
Fashion Week: A Private or Public

Fashion Week: A Private or Public Affair?

It's September, which in the world of high fashion heralds the start of spring! Yes, it's that time of the year when the industry's great and good embark on their whirlwind tour of the four fashion capitals, to witness first hand what designers have in store for us next season.
11/09/2014 11:12 BST
Not So Fast

Not So Fast Fashion

Treasuring our clothes doesn't have to mean an end to shopping. Far from it! But what it does mean is not settling for second best. So next time you find yourself heading for a fast fashion fix, why not take a step back from the rail and simply ask yourself, is this item truly worthy of my wardrobe?
05/09/2014 17:35 BST