Julie V Gottlieb

Reader in Modern History at the University of Sheffield

Julie V. Gottlieb is a Reader in Modern History, Department of History, University of Sheffield. She was educated at McGill University and the University of Cambridge. She has published extensively on women's political activism in Britain, and the mobilization and representation of women across the political spectrum. Her books include Feminine Fascism: Women in Britain's Fascist Movement, 1923-1945 (2000) and most recently 'Guilty Women', Foreign Policy and Appeasement in Inter-war Britain (2105), as well as collections on what happened after the vote was won: (co-edited with Richard Toye), The Aftermath of Suffrage: Women, Gender and Politics in Britain, 1918-1945 (2013), and Feminism and Feminists After Suffrage (2015). Just a year ago, in June 2015, she co-organised with Clarisse Berthezene and the Conservative Party Archives at the Bodleian, Oxford, an international conference "Rethinking Right-Wing Women: Gender, Women and the Conservative Party, 1880s to the Present". A collection based on the proceedings is forthcoming with Manchester University Press.
This May Be Tory Feminism: The Second Woman PM Is Not Margaret Thatcher Mark

This May Be Tory Feminism: The Second Woman PM Is Not Margaret Thatcher Mark II

May, as the second woman Conservative PM, needs to be set against a rather different historical backdrop. We have yet to see how well feminist Toryism can work in practice, and whether May will succeed to 'iron' out the obvious inconsistencies and 'iron' in a new ethos to the social and intellectual fabric of the Conservative party.
19/07/2016 17:32 BST