Juno Roche

Trans activist and Blair Peach Award winner

Trans Activist who first came to prominence when she made a key speech about trans rights in education at a national conference, the speech trended on Twitter and enabled Juno to access a much wider platform for her strong message about trans rights in the workplace and especially within the education sector.

She has since gone on to talk at most major conferences and to deliver training to companies such as Hogan Lovells on the rights of trans people at work.

Juno regularly goes into schools to support teachers and students transitioning.

Her work has been recognized by both the trades union movement, she was given the Blair Peach Award this year for outstanding contribution to equalities and also appeared on the Rainbow List 2014/2015 and the World Pride Power List 2015, she was recently shortlisted for campaigner of the Year by the EDAs.

She is currently co-organizing a Festival which specifically looks at issues of Trans identities within the arts and education. The conference is set to take place next March.
Headlines We Must Live

Headlines We Must Live Within

I was born me, I still am me. The only change was no longer having to pretend - or try to pretend - to be male to please others. The only change was finding freedom and wanting to live. I never changed sex I found a way to speak truth out loud.
24/10/2017 13:22 BST
An Evening In

An Evening In Manchester

I taught in primary schools for many years, I know how wonderful children are at that age especially when they are full of excitement and joy about an upcoming event. That age is spent exploring new lands, adventures and experiences. That is the age of innocence and hope without borders.
23/05/2017 13:21 BST
One August

One August Morning

I look out at my dogs play-fighting in the sun with the sound of gun fire piercing the scene and I recognise that this is paradise, comparatively paradise. I wish I could swap my life for the lives of those two boys, I'd willingly do so that they could make it to safety, maybe to the 'apparent' safety of the Calais Jungle where they could be with other children attending a makeshift school.
26/08/2016 12:42 BST
Bathrooms - Our Space, Their

Bathrooms - Our Space, Their Space

As a trans woman I had many years of having to use the 'wrong' toilet facility and it was terrifying. I always felt exposed, vulnerable, like something dangerous could happen. I didn't want to see men peeing or hear men's' conversations, my friends went into the women's and I prayed for an empty men's bathroom.
24/05/2016 17:05 BST
Transitioning in Schools Is Only a Big Deal If You Make It

Transitioning in Schools Is Only a Big Deal If You Make It One

When I first tried to transition as a teacher the language, the structures, the cultural reference points were not there, it was like I had asked for the impossible. Now when I go into schools and other educational spaces there is a real openness and desire to get this right.
17/12/2015 17:04 GMT