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Justine Greening

Secretary of State for Education and Conservative MP for Putney

Secretary of State for Education and Conservative MP for Putney

Brexit Britain Needs a Socially Mobile Britain More Than Ever Before - That's Why I'm Backing Theresa May

Making Britain a place that enables our young people to become the very best versions of themselves they can be isn't just about their success, it's about how we make sure we are successful as a nation. A big part of how we unite our country after the EU referendum must be an even stronger focus on opportunity. It's got to be a level playing field of opportunity for everyone - that's how we will deliver the country that Theresa May describes, one that works for everyone, not just the privileged few.
05/07/2016 07:55 BST

Thursday's EU Referendum: Crucial for Young People - And a Chance for Us All to Have Our Say

There are only two days left to go now before voters have their say on whether or not we remain a member of the European Union. This decision is absolutely fundamental to the future of our nation. It's result will shape Britain's 21st century. A century that our young people are more invested in than any of us - they're likely to spend much more time in it! Unlike a General Election, we won't get to 'course correct' in five years' time if we change our minds later, or things haven't work out as we'd hoped. So this vote is in once-in-a-generation decision. We need to get it right.
21/06/2016 16:59 BST

Why It's Vital Young People Register to Vote in the EU Referendum

The good news is that if you're not yet on the electoral register to vote in the referendum there's still time - just. You're cutting it fine, but there are still a few hours left to register. Talking to young people up and down the country over the last few weeks I've been struck by the number saying they just want to make sure they get the facts and 'get it right'. They're right to be taking this seriously. The outcome of this referendum will shape Britain's future in the 21st Century.
05/06/2016 21:00 BST

The World Cannot Afford to Wait to Change Pace on Girls' and Women's Rights

Quite simply, no country can develop if it leaves half of its population behind. Investing in girls' education, reproductive health, women's economic empowerment and tackling violence is one of the best strategies for eradicating poverty and boosting economies - including our own in the UK.
08/03/2016 11:38 GMT

This Week, The World Must Rise to the Challenge on Syria

I believe the London Conference can be a turning point for the Syrian people who have endured so many horrors since war engulfed their country. One conference can't end the fighting or undo the suffering but it can be the moment when we rise to an unprecedented challenge with an unprecedented response. In London I want the world to offer a different story on Syria and a new vision of hope to its people. This is an historic opportunity and the whole world must grasp it.
02/02/2016 11:36 GMT

It's Time to Break the Chains of Dependency for Girls and Women

Throughout history, girls and women have often been invisible outside the home. Even now, in 2016, there are countries where women are prevented from getting a job, from owning their own land and even from setting up a bank account. This strips them of their independence. For every aspect of their lives, these women are completely reliant on someone else. It's time to break these chains of dependency. Now we have the chance. Today, the UN Secretary General announced he is establishing an expert team of leading politicians, expert economists, charity heads and business leaders to jumpstart a global movement on women's economic empowerment. I'm privileged to be joining this High Level Panel, alongside the President of the World Bank Jim Yong Kim and many eminent names who will be announced over the next few weeks.
21/01/2016 08:00 GMT

How the UK Is Leading the Global Fight Against FGM

Violence against girls and women is a global pandemic. One in three women is beaten or sexually abused in her lifetime, a statistic that shames us all. It is the most widespread form of systemic abuse and there is no evidence that levels are decreasing. It is an issue that the Huffington Post has been committed to highlighting and has been the subject of many recent Parliamentary debates. MP Bill Cash is currently taking an excellent Bill through the parliamentary process that if it becomes law will legally require DFID to makes sure that gender equality is considered before providing aid.
02/02/2014 23:54 GMT

Haiti - Building Resilience

The eyes of the world may now be turned elsewhere, but Haiti remains one of the most vulnerable places on earth, battered repeatedly by earthquakes, cyclones, floods, landslides, drought, and epidemics. Hurricanes routinely knock up to 15% from GDP. The total volume of humanitarian aid to Haiti since 2001 exceeds $4billion. The challenge ahead is stark.
19/04/2013 17:47 BST

Twenty-Five Years of Comic Relief's Success Gives Us Hope For the Future

This week Comic Relief celebrated its 25th anniversary and as we look back over the years, there is a lot to be proud of. For the past quarter of a century, Comic Relief has inspired people up and down the country to play a part in changing the lives of millions of people across Africa for the better.
08/02/2013 17:27 GMT