Jyo Fernandes


Jyo Fernandes is a first year student studying at New York University.

Having completed her first semester, she cant't wait to begin to spend another five months in the Big Apple. Currently undecided in her major she is enjoying sampling the diverse offerings of the Liberal Arts degree. Although, as with most people who love to write, a major interest is reading and all literature-related material. Her favourite book of all time remains Joseph Heller’s masterpiece “Catch 22”, for its eccentric lovability and its warped black sense of humour. In addition, her other passions include sport, and baking, the former for which she represented her school in hockey, netball and tennis. The latter, however, remains a secret pride, as she has recently created a show stopping lemon meringue pie, that not only looked b-e-a-utiful but tasted delicious.

Although still young and relatively experience-less, Jyo is certain that this won’t hinder her for too long in her aspirations to one day become a writer, on a journey to which, this blog marks the first teensy tiny baby step.

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