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Kamran Hussain

Student, Journalist and PR person

PR and Journalism student at the University of Lincoln. I blog about local, national and international issues in the public domain.

I am originally from Bedford.

Strategist, communicator and I specialise in media relations.

PM Must Do Debates With or Without Greens

The Greens have steam coming out of their ears after Ofcom ruled they are not a 'major' party and therefore will not be included in the televised leader's debates in the run up to the general election.
09/01/2015 15:16 GMT

Peshawar Killers Must Be Brought to Justice

The massacre of 142 people of which 132 were Pakistani children is absolutely inhumane. Many more are critically injured and we can expect to see the death toll rise. The devastation caused by the Taliban in Peshawar to the families of the victims is unimaginable.
17/12/2014 12:44 GMT

Devolution the Way Forward for Britain

There is a general consensus that politics needs to have more transparency, integrity and accountability. Further devolution will be welcomed as regions would be able to allocate money where they think it is most needed. There will also be opportunities for more people to get involved in politics at a local level.
05/11/2014 17:13 GMT

Welbeck is a Go-Go

Welbeck will get goals for Arsenal and it won't take him very long to find his shooting boots. £16 million what a bargain! Exciting times for Arsenal fans, if Arsenal are in a similar position to where they were last season come January and they actually decide to buy that strong holding midfielder everyone has been talking about then the title challenge is well and truly on.
09/09/2014 11:32 BST

Ukip: Racism, Spitefulness and the Rotten Apple Tree

Nigel Farage often says that there are only a "few bad apples" in his party. It's more than a few bad apples though isn't it? It appears that the entire UKIP tree is putrescent and only grows rotten apples...
02/06/2014 12:40 BST

Forget About an Early General Election

Tory backbenchers have been calling for an early election after a rather (expected) disastrous performance by their coalition partners in the European elections. They have got to be barking mad if they think the Lib Dems will agree to it.
27/05/2014 15:46 BST

Liverpool Have Had it Easy

I don't want to put a downer on Liverpool's success but they have played far fewer games than the other top teams. Liverpool fans seem to react very angrily when I mention this, but it's true!
09/04/2014 15:43 BST

Will Jose Mourinho's Mouth Be the Undoing of Chelsea's Title Hopes?

Mourinho knows his Chelsea side can't go on scraping through 1-0 victories for much longer. His deliberate tactic to unsettle the opposition simply won't work; Pellegrini, Wenger and Rodgers are too mature and sophisticated to fall foul of his childish games.
26/02/2014 17:34 GMT

Politics Is Far Too Important to Be Left to Politicians Alone

Banging on about democracy is one thing and actually implementing it fairly is another. Whether it's "why young people don't vote" or the call for "the ban on the niqaab" being discussed, those representative of the groups in question are not given the opportunity to have their say.
05/02/2014 11:52 GMT

The Solution to Man Utd's Problems

Manchester United's problems go much further than the lack of a world-class midfielder. It appears the Red Devils are after Juan Mata and have been linked to several other big names. However, Utd must look at strengthening other positions.
22/01/2014 17:42 GMT

Let's not Downgrade the Teaching Profession

Teaching as a profession is being downgraded under this government. There seems to be a very worrying negative stigma attached to teachers. They are seen as people who failed in their profession and had no choice other than to become a teacher. I could not possibly disagree more with that view.
17/01/2014 10:51 GMT

Review of British Politics 2013

2013 is drawing to an end and it's fair to say it has been an eventful year in British politics. From Thatcher's death, to parliament voting against military intervention in the Syria, this year has most definitely been an intriguing one to say the least.
31/12/2013 17:00 GMT

Tories Make the Rich Richer and the Poor Poorer

Under the Tories, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Whether it's dinners for donors in Downing Street or giving millionaires a tax-cut, it's the same old Tories who leave all the ordinary hard-working people of this country to suffer.
22/11/2013 13:06 GMT

The Energy Price Freeze Explained

Labour's campaign goes much further than the price freeze. Only implementing a two year price freeze would simply be an immature and irrelevant policy. The main aim is to fix up the energy market which in its present form is exploiting consumers.
14/11/2013 11:50 GMT

Tory Destruction of the NHS

David Cameron promised that there wouldn't be a top down reorganisation of the NHS. In 2009, David Cameron said: "With the Conservatives there will be no more of the tiresome, meddlesome, top-down re-structures that have dominated the last decade of the NHS." However, we are now facing the largest reorganisation of the NHS in its 65 year history.
07/11/2013 11:43 GMT

Students Forgotten as University Staff Strike

For a student paying £9,000 in tuition fees, they should get value for their money and if universities are not motivating their staff, it means that everybody is losing out. Students will not get the good quality education that they are paying for, teachers are not paid fairly and will begin to "work to rule" and the universities credibility will plummet.
30/10/2013 22:54 GMT

Why 16-Year-Olds Should Get the Vote

One of the many policies announced by Ed Miliband at the Labour Party Conference was that he would lower the voting age to 16. Giving 16 and 17-year-old's the vote will be including them in our democracy which we pride ourselves upon in Britain. A staggering 1.5 million people are denied the right to vote in the United Kingdom and it just isn't fair.
24/10/2013 12:19 BST

England Players Need More Time to Adapt

The England football team continuously fail to meet the fans expectations but only have themselves to blame. There is an enormous amount of pressure put on the England players to win major competitions but they have let the fans down repeatedly...
21/10/2013 13:11 BST