Kandy Klein

Stripper, turned psychotherapist, turned sometime stripper again

I'm a psychotherapist but I'm also a stripper, the latter paid for me
to train for the former, and now I do a bit of both - it takes a while
to build a client base in therapy, and the clubs are still a great way
to make money so I have a foot in both camps - albeit in rather
different shoes...
Dancing Dirty for the

Dancing Dirty for the Disadvantaged

To perceive the sex industry as a resource for those who desires can be judged as abnormal is to miss its role as a facility for those who are sometimes seen as being abnormal themselves, and so find themselves coming to us for a form of social sanctuary.
10/05/2012 22:16 BST
What Strippers Want For

What Strippers Want For Christmas

It tells you something about the human condition that as the alleged festival of family unity and general goodwill lurches into view people feel compelled to stay out later, drink more, spend money they haven't got and form inadvisable relationships.
18/12/2011 22:55 GMT