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A blogger, satirist and keen observer of world events in every aspect of human endeavour

Kanmi is a Political Science graduate from the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria. A writer and a blogger in his spare time, he currently has a body of work in the pipeline. He is the author of 'Diminshing Returns' and creator of 'The State of Play' (www.kanmiiyanda.blogspot.com) and a member of HuffPost since March 2012

Chuka's Ladder

All Chuka Umunna has to do is; forget the naysayers, dust himself off, decide as to what extent he wants to pursue public service, reassert his vision and start again.
22/05/2015 10:48 BST
United Kingdom of

United Kingdom of Nigeria

The uncanny parallels that merge the two countries of Nigeria and Great Britain are truly mind-boggling. The historical coming together of both entities about three centuries ago has somehow resulted in a weird morphing of the most unlikely national psyches.
26/03/2015 11:46 GMT
Nigeria 2015 - Valentine's Day

Nigeria 2015 - Valentine's Day Blues

And so on the very day the rest of the world will be celebrating love, some bright sparks in Nigeria decided it was the perfect day for the country's two main political tribes to go to war. Surprised? Well, not really, I guess. We are Nigerians after all and everything we do must have our stamp of uniqueness and creativity.
02/02/2015 14:13 GMT
Nigeria We Hail

Nigeria We Hail Thee!

Nigerians are raging because in the world's largest black populace, we have a government that can no longer guarantee security and is not shame-faced enough to step up to the plate. Our president continues to stew in puerile denials, whilst a part of the country, as big as some as some European nations burns to the ground.
05/05/2014 10:55 BST
The Police and the Lessons of Lane

The Police and the Lessons of Lane Discipline

Hands up anyone still luxuriating in the Plebgate affair... Hmmm, so it's only me then? Well, never mind, it gives me ample time to laugh my head off and attempt to entice you over to the comical side. Guffawing is a pastime here and I particularly prefer any comical situation laced with irony.
18/11/2013 11:34 GMT
For the Love of

For the Love of Dogs

So you believe owning a dog makes you a selfless person? Where is the selflessness of all the owners of abandoned and neglected dogs across the length and breadth of this country? Did their generosity take flight once they discovered their pooches were going to engage in rapid and wanton defecation?
01/11/2013 13:54 GMT
Fergie - Great Football Manager, Terribly Flawed

Fergie - Great Football Manager, Terribly Flawed Man.

On the Beckham issue, one just has to laugh. What was the point of digging all that up in such a negative way? Why do a hatchet job in the book and then try to make amends in the book launch, by stating the obvious? Why bring his wife, Victoria, into it?
27/10/2013 19:33 GMT
It's Immigration,

It's Immigration, Stupid

My bedside radio began spouting all sort of emotive nonsense as early as 6am and Sky News appear to be on the same bandwagon. It appears people across the length and breadth of the UK are up in arms about the sheer numbers of 'foreigners' bombarding these shores and turning our isle into an unrecognisable 'melting pot' nightmare.
16/10/2013 11:05 BST
Parental Advice - Nigerian

Parental Advice - Nigerian Style

Maybe it's the Nigerian in me, but when it comes to my parents, any insult, intentional or otherwise, will always be met with forceful brimstone and years of grudge-holding. And yes, my father has been dead for 13 years. Nigerians are just like that.
04/10/2013 15:54 BST
It's Good to

It's Good to Talk...

Being a self-appointed observer and satirist of all things political, there are times when your zest is terminally dampened. Collective missteps by those who seem hell-bent on deciding our collective direction would do that to you. It all becomes especially worrisome with the increasing evidence these so-called leaders may not possess the necessary talent or character.
30/09/2013 11:26 BST
Open Letter to David Cameron (Part

Open Letter to David Cameron (Part 2)

Dear Dave, I wonder if you got the chance to read my last letter, although it now seems clear it would have made no difference. Now that you have lost the vote in parliament, I thought it might be prudent for me to advance further words of advice on how to move forward...
04/09/2013 11:03 BST
Open Letter to David

Open Letter to David Cameron

Dear David, I am writing to you in the wake of the ongoing dilemma called Syria and hoping you will heed to some of the advice you will find in the following paragraphs. I am cognisant of your heavy workload, so brevity will be my keyword.
27/08/2013 12:14 BST